Trust is one of the essential factor apart from love in a relationship. Either you trust a person out of love, or they win your trust with time. It may take you years to build faith in someone. Though, one act can change the whole perception about the same person.

Transparency enhances trust in others. The more transparent you’re with a person, the more the person will trust you. But, there are some spaces in your life that you don’t wish to share with anyone even with the closed ones.

A mobile has become a universal and personal device. It holds personal information in the form of call logs – who do you talk to over voice calls, messages – who and what do you converse over SMS and various other applications which reveal information such as your location, interests and preferences.

Most of the people out there keep a lock to prevent unauthorised access to their mobile phone. It proves that mobile phones contain personal information which you don’t wish to share with any other person. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend and if they also keep their phone protected and don’t share the key with you then it is apparent that they do not want you to peek in their private device.

Smartphone manufacturers and the experts working for the core technology giants such as and Apple are dedicated to providing an operating system which is secure. by and iOS by Apple hold more than 99% of the global market share in the mobile operating system.

It is very likely that the smartphone you are having right now and the people around you are using the same operating systems that are mentioned above.

Can you relate the mobile phone of your boyfriend/girlfriend with the trust between both of you in your relationship? Of course, they can be connected. Why would your girlfriend hide her phone screen from you while chatting with ‘her friend’? Or why would your boyfriend get furious at you when you ask him the password of his phone?

Such acts of unusual behaviour regarding their phone sprouts the dormant seed of distrust. Moreover, when you are not aware of the actual information, your brain starts to think about all possible permutations and combinations which are dominated by negative thoughts.

On the one hand, you think that questioning your partner will cause harm to your relationship whereas not enquiring about the truth will hurt to your satisfaction on the other side. It makes the whole scenario a little complicated.

What can be done without injuring the relationship? Hack their phone or spy on it.

The most common reason for spying the girlfriend/boyfriend’s calls and messages stated by people in an online survey is to ensure whether their partner is faithful or not. Thus, a mobile phone acts as evidence of the character of a person.

You too can spy or hack your boyfriend/girlfriend’s phone calls and messages with the help of a few tips and tricks. This article discusses ways to get information regarding the calls and messages your boyfriend/girlfriend makes or receives through their mobile phone. Let’s get started,

1. Take help of a third person

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This is the most convenient way to spy onyour girlfriend/boyfriend’s phone calls and messages. You can’t find a morenatural way than this.

Find out a person who is very close to your boyfriend/girlfriend (usually best friend or call them bff/bro) and who has access to their mobile phone.

Such a person can be a member of their family too like a brother, sister or parents.

Talk to them about your doubts, insecurities and the unusual behaviour of your partner.

Ask them either share the details of call logs and messages or,

you can ask for the password of their mobile phone. Or you can just ask them to spy on behalf of you.

Make sure you keep it a secret between you and the third person and the same applies on the third person too.

It is convenient because:

a. This method does not involve high intellectual skills of hacking and spying.

b. It is an absolutely free method.

c. It is easy, and the third person can act as another proof if your girlfriend/boyfriend is cheating on you (in one case).

Why should you not opt for this method?

That’s because easily possible things come at high costs and risks.

a. You need to trust a third person who may be a weak link. Things can get worse if that third person doesn’t believe you and spill your plan to your boyfriend/girlfriend.

b. The third person is closer to your boyfriend/girlfriend. It will not be easy to convince them to spy on their trusted being.

c. In the worst case, if your boyfriend/girlfriend finds out about the deal between you and the third person, then probably you will not be able to repair the dent put on your relationship. Also, it will also ruin the relation between the third person and your boyfriend/girlfriend. Total mess. 

2. Postpaid Bill – My Family Plan

- image 1 - How to Hack or Spy on Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s Phone Calls and Messages?

The base technology behind the voice calland text messages are provided by the mobile carrier. Mobile service providershave all the details regarding calls and the text messages. They have moreinformation in the form of location of the user.

Have you ever seen a mobile postpaid bill? Nowadays most of the mobile service provider prefer e-bill over paper bills. Some of the mobile carriers such as Airtel provide an account of all the calls made and text messages sent during the billing cycle with the utility bill.

Now, if you want to utilise this service of your mobile service provider to spy on the calls and messages of your boyfriend/girlfriend then,

a. you’ll have to migrate their phone connection to your carrier. Yes, it called mobile number portability (MNP). After porting their number, you’ll have to add that number to your phone number using a family plan.

b. buy them a new sim card registered as a child number to your mobile.

Either way, you’ll be adding your boyfriend/girlfriend’s number as a child under your mobile number (the parent). Every month you’ll receive the bill with the call information which includes outgoing calls and their durations. Along with the calling data, the bill also contains information regarding the text messages sent during the period.

Though you won’t be able to get the content of the text messages and details of incoming calls, you’ll get to know the contacts which are frequently communicated through outgoing calls. Moreover, if you don’t get this information with the bill of the connection, then you can ask the service provider to share the details.

The service provider will provide you with all the details because you are the owner of the parent/prime number of the whole plan. These details are also used by police forces and investigation agencies for their purposes.

Advantages of this method:

a. There is no dependency on the third person. In fact, there is no third person.

b. Your girlfriend/boyfriend may feel good that you’d be handling their mobile phone communication expenses.

c. This method doesn’t require hacking intelligence.

d. Your partner will not be vulnerable to privacy hack by any other person or .

What are the problems in this idea?

a. You’ll have to migrate to a postpaid connection if you have a prepaid connection right now.

b. A postpaid connection is comparatively costly as compared to the prepaid.

c. It may be tough for you to convince your boyfriend/girlfriend to port their number to another carrier or to a postpaid connection. Some people are very obstinate with their choices.

d. You get partial information as only billed entities are included in the utility bill; incoming calls are not listed.

3. Spy Applications or Applications as a spy

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Well, Google and Apple are committed tomaking your life easy but there is a tradeoff between convenience and security.For example, ‘password’ as a password is very insecure, but it is easy. Whereasa password with a capital letter, one number, one special symbol and with aminimum length of 8 characters is complicated but highly secure.

There are a plethora of Android and Apple phone applications which provide remote access to the information regarding calls and messages, for example, the SMS and call backup applications and call recording applications. Such applications allow you to save and send data to your cloud account added in your mobile phone.

Mobile phone applications such as theTruthSpy, MobileSpy, SpyZie etc. Most of such applications need to be installed on the suspect’s device for once.

These applications get to hide from the main menu and work in the background. They periodically synchronise data and save the data regarding calls and messages on their servers.

There are multiple ways to get access to calls and SMS of your girlfriend/boyfriend with the help of specific applications. Let’s discuss one by one:

a. Addition of your account to the suspect’s phone:

You can add your (or a fake/temporary) Gmail account in the suspect’s phone.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend would be glad that you trust them with your personal account. (Assuming that you don’t have anything to hide from them.)

- image 3 - How to Hack or Spy on Girlfriend/Boyfriend’s Phone Calls and Messages?

Install a call recording app or SMS backup app, call backup app (search in the Google Playstore, and you’ll find so many applications) add your account as the backup destination and you’ll receive the data periodically in your cloud account.

As you can see in the provided screenshots how I added my Google drive account with a call recording application.

            b. AppleID:

iCloud acts as a default backup manager for iPhone users. Hence, you just have to get access to the iCloud account of your boyfriend/girlfriend to monitor their calls and messages if they are using an iPhone.

Of course, you will have to rely on social engineering tactics. Ask them to log in to their AppleID on any of your Apple devices and use a keylogger to get their password.

Once you have the password, you’re half-done with the job. Now tell your boyfriend/girlfriend to make regular backups of their data timely as it is useful at times. Yes, same social engineering tips. Log into their Apple account and monitor their calls and messages.

Note:You’ll get in trouble if your suspect has enabled the two-factor authorisation. So, yeah turn on your two-factor approval to prevent unauthorised access to your iCloud account.

c. Spy Applications:

Just as backup applications can obtain information regarding calls and SMS, there are some applications such as theTruthSpy which send the data on their server.

Get access to your partner’s phone for a once.

Install a spy application, create or log into the account and give them the device back.

You can log in from a remote device to the account through their website and monitor the complete information regarding call and SMS using the account.


a. Your boyfriend/girlfriend won’t ever know that you’re spying on them unless they are tech-savvy and very aware of the applications running on their phone.

b. Spy applications may work for a fee, but backup and call recording applications are freely available.

c. You can escape easily even if your boyfriend/girlfriend finds out about a suspicious application on their phone by using words like ‘Virus’, ‘Malware’.

What are the cons?

a. You will require good social engineering skills to get their phone once.

b. A tech-savvy girlfriend/boyfriend won’t fall easy prey to any such trick.

c. Fee asked by the spy applications.

d. Compromising the privacy of your boyfriend/girlfriend with a third party application or cloud storage.

e. Google has recently started taking steps against applications which access call logs on Android. 

The other way of doing the task of hacking and spying on your girlfriend/boyfriend’s calls and text messages is to develop a smartphone application yourself. There are plenty of application developing tools available online such as BuildFire for Android which requires minimal coding.

You can also learn iOS and Android application development using the free courses made available by the maker itself Google (for Android), Udacity, Udemy etc. Well, it is assumed that you’re not into coding and all else you would not be reading this article.

“Privacy over the internet is a myth.”

You just have to explore the gateways to get the desired information.

Note: This article does not encourage spying activities. 

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