“Content is King” still holds true when one speaks of what is necessary for a business’s website. Especially, if it is to attract and engage visitors, and encourage them to respond to a call to action.

An attractive website and one that’s loaded with cool content is not enough, however. More than half of today’s online shoppers rely on mobile devices. Thus, and if a website is not responsive, its owner risks losing a significant percentage of users.

The following high-performance and responsive represent the cream of the crop. They provide great value for the money. Choosing among the best of the best can be difficult, but at least you won’t have to worry about making a poor choice.

Be Theme

Be Theme  - wordpress themes 2018 01 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

Finding just the right theme to build a website around can sometimes be just as time consuming as is the design work itself; especially when a business requiring a website is tucked away in a highly specialized niche, or a client is a one-of-a-kind creative type.

Be Theme, the biggest theme of all, has you covered in either case. This 5 best-selling ThemeForest theme offers 300+ pre-built websites covering more than 30 different niche categories. Since each of these pre-built websites is customizable, you’ll be able to start designing a website that will perfectly match a business’s or client’s requirements.

Finding just the right template to build your design around, takes minutes, rather than hours, and since it can be installed with a single click, you’ll save even more time. Be Theme is delightfully intuitive and easy to work with. The Muffin Builder and Options Panel do much of the heavy lifting for you, while a huge selection of design elements and shortcodes gives you unmatched flexibility, and eliminates any need for coding.

Kalium – Creative Theme for Professionals

Kalium - Creative Theme for Professionals  - wordpress themes 2018 02 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

Kalium is another multipurpose WP theme that’s worthy of your consideration. Built by professional creatives for professional web designers, this theme features all the layouts, shortcodes, and design elements you’re ever likely to need.

If you’re still a relative newcomer to website design, don’t let Kalium’s professionalism scare you off. This web-building tool is easy to use, and a joy to work with. If, in fact, you’ve never designed a website before, you can still create a professional looking website, blog, or portfolio in minutes.

If you have a ready-to-go online store in your sights, you can get one up and running in no time with Kalium’s assortment of shop layouts. Or, if a multi-page website is the objective, the home page and landing page demos will save you a ton of time.

It will be worth your while to give this award-winning ThemeForest best seller a good, close look.


Pro  - wordpress themes 2018 03 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

Pro’s authors will tell you that, with their product, if you can imagine it, you can build it. Since building a fully engaging, award-winning website with any tool requires discipline, they would seem to be on to something.

Pro was designed for those website builders who understand and appreciate the need to follow a disciplined approach. Pro offers an easy-to-follow, modular approach to website building. This “building-block” approach is in itself, highly disciplined.

Pro’s Header Builder, for example, enables you to create anything from the simplest of header formats, to headers that will blow your mind. The same is true with the Footer Builder; while the Content Builder’s optimized workflow features will bring out your productive best.

If the opportunity to add a genuine web design game-changer to your tool kit in appeals to you, give Pro a shot.

TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

TheGem - Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme  - wordpress themes 2018 04 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

TheGem has been carefully crafted for a variety of creative and business uses. It’s been referred to as the “ultimate web-building toolbox”, because of its wealth of design elements, styles, and features.

This multipurpose WordPress theme is ideal for both one page and multipage websites, portfolios, and blogs. You can freely combine design elements, layouts, and styles to your heart’s content, and you’ll never have to waste your time coding.


Newspaper  - wordpress themes 2018 05 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

Newspaper is a specialty theme. It will be an excellent choice for someone looking for a website featuring a magazine or newspaper format, or a news-oriented website or blog.

This theme’s responsive layouts and nearly 50 customizable demos cover popular magazine topics like food, travel, lifestyle, fitness, and beauty, and much more.

Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Uncode - Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme  - wordpress themes 2018 06 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

This pixel-perfect theme is ideal if you’re tasked with building an awe-inspiring portfolio for a client, or for yourself. Uncode is packed with everything an artist, a blogger, or a creative web designer needs.

The tailored version of Visual Composer is a popular feature, as is the centered mobile menu, a feature missing in most responsive themes. You can take full advantage of all that Uncode offers, without ever having to worry about coding.

The Core

The Core  - wordpress themes 2018 07 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

The Core gives you an abundance of web design tools to work with, and plenty of material and 24/7 premium support to help you use them. This multipurpose WP theme offers a huge range of premade layouts, more than 20 premade websites, plus it is responsive, retina and WooCommerce ready with advanced SEO options.

This theme, along with installation and demo import, is free if you sign up for hosting with one of The Core’s hosting partners.


Houzez  - wordpress themes 2018 08 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

This specialty theme is, as its name implies, dedicated to the real estate sector. Not only does Houzez have the features, options, and functionality a realtor or real estate agency would expect, but there are many ways in which a website can be customized to their liking.

Industry-standard plugins, payments systems, and membership packages are included.

XStore – Responsive WooCommerce Theme

XStore - Responsive WooCommerce Theme  - wordpress themes 2018 09 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

If a successful online store is the objective, XStore offers an ideal solution. This WP theme is dedicated toward that purpose. It’s responsive, minimalist in its design and use, and features more than 70 customized good-to-go shops.

Visual Composers is the page-builder/editor of choice, plus there’s a good selection of page layouts and eCommerce-oriented plugins to get you on your way.

ListingPro Directory WordPress Theme

ListingPro Directory WordPress Theme  - wordpress themes 2018 10 - 10 of the Best WordPress Themes for 2018 Sponsored

ListingPro is the number one best-selling WordPress all-in-one end-to-end directory solution on the market. The reason? It’s by far the most complete theme of its kind.

Its true value lies in the fact that no paid plugins are required. Everything to build a powerful directory comes within the package.


Any one of these 10 top responsive themes will help get your new year off to a great start.

You might want to do some comparison shopping. Like this, you can find which of the multipurpose themes will suit you best. However, you really can’t make a bad choice.

So far as the more specialized themes are concerned, they also represent the best of the best. Happy hunting!

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