Hacked Websites  - MSsYp1537488919 - 3000 Hacked Websites Access comes to Sale in Dark Web Marketplace

Cybercriminals listed access for in Russian based underground that sells for less than $50.

The underground marketplace is the best area for criminals where they can sell and buy various malicious software and stolen data for a very cheapest price.

This hacked website selling in Russian-speaking underground marketplace called MagBo where the advertisement calling the shop as “the best thing on the side.”

These websites belong to the breaches that launched against U.S., Russian, or German based hosting services.

- Magbo2 624x436 - 3000 Hacked Websites Access comes to Sale in Dark Web Marketplace

Most Of the compromised sites are E-commerce and other sectors such as healthcare, legal, education, insurance, and government agencies.

This MagBo Dark marketplace is specifically engaged for selling and buying things such as breached sites, databases, and administrator panels.

MagBo Marketplace 

MagBo has been listed as one of the marketplaces in Russian-language hacking and malware forum and the cybercriminals offer a compromised website that was breached via following bypass methods.

  • PHP shell access
  • Hosting control access
  • Domain control access
  • File Transfer Protocol (FTP) access
  • Secure Socket Shell (SSH) access
  • Admin panel access
  • Database or Structured Query Language (SQL) access

- VISIT - 3000 Hacked Websites Access comes to Sale in Dark Web Marketplace

Apart from this buyers can also find the privilege level of the listed sites for selling and its label as the following category.

  •  Full access permissions
  • Abilities to edit content
  • Add your content.

According to Flashpoint, In addition to access to breached websites, this particular market also sells stolen photocopies of national for identity fraud, breached payment wallet access, compromised social media accounts, and Bitcoin mixer or tumbler services.

Hacked Websites Usage

These compromised websites are used for various malicious purposes including spreading malware, spam ,  cryptocurrency mining and gaining the access to the corporate networks.

Also, it allows accessing the sensitive internal document, finding the vulnerabilities to exploit the internal networks and other criminals activities.

Researchers believe that This is an uneasy trend that may have manifested itself already in a few high-profile publicly disclosed incidents.

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