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The recent wave of hacking attacks has received a new addition only days ago, when also admitted that the company’s has been hacked. According to reports, it is possible that of have their login information . However, the company believes that no credit card data was stolen during the attack.

Adidas becomes the latest hacking victim

In a short statement that Adidas published this Thursday, the company admitted that it was the latest target of a new wave of hacking attack. According to the statement, the attack happened on June 26, and a hacker claiming responsibility has stated that they have acquired data belonging to the company’s customers.

The company’s claims that there is no real reason to believe that the hacker also managed to steal any of the users’ credit card data. Instead, they claim to be committed to the protection of users’ security and privacy, which is why the company immediately tried to make an assessment of the damage, and alert the attack’s potential victims.

In order to investigate the issue, Adidas has reached out to top online security companies, as well as relevant law enforcement authorities. The potential victims will be notified of the breach, as well as of the investigation’s progress, the company promised.

So far, the investigation has shown that the breach might be a one, and that it is quite possible that it includes millions of customers. A lot is still unknown, however, including the exact time of the attack.

The customers are advised to immediately change their passwords on the brand’s website, as well as on any other website where they used the same login information. Not doing so might allow the attacker to continue to exploit the stolen information, and eventually even get to much more dangerous data regarding the victims. The best way to protect yourself is to always use a different password on each website, and to change them on regular basis.

Similar attacks have happened recently

The news regarding the attack on Adidas came almost immediately after the recent hack of Ticketmaster, which left over 40,000 users within the UK compromised. This attack was possible due to a third-party software created and hosted by Inbenta Technologies. The software was infected by a malware that allowed hackers to breach Ticketmaster’s security and steal user information. The stolen data includes names, email addresses, home addresses, numbers, login credentials, and most importantly – payment details.

Another such attack hit Under Amour, yet another sporting brand. This happened due to a security issue, and the attack affected over 150 million users. Those affected were soon found to be linked to a website and app called MyFitnessPal. During this attack, hackers managed to get their hands on email addresses, usernames, as well as hashed passwords.

This kind of attacks are becoming more and more common, and the situations like these act as reminders that it is really difficult to remain truly protected online. Hackers are known to take advantage of outdated software, as well as users who always use the same passwords for their account. The stolen data is usually sold on the dark web, and/or used in other attacks.

So far, Adidas did not share which online security firms are aiding the investigation, or fixing their systems. They also were not able to predict how long will the investigation or the analysis last.


A Large Hack Hits Adidas, Millions of Website Users Might Be Compromised  - wAAACwAAAAAAQABAEACAkQBADs  - A Large Hack Hits Adidas, Millions of Website Users Might Be Compromised

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A Large Hack Adidas, Millions of Website Users Might Be Compromised


According to reports, it is possible that millions of website users have their login information compromised. However, the company believes that no credit card data was stolen during the attack.


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