Chinese users  - new ransomware - A New Ransomware Strain Infected Chinese Users

A new spreading as a result of supply chain attack targeting starting from December 1 and more than 100,000 computers.

The ransomware not only encrypting the system files, but it is also capable of stealing login credentials of popular Chinese online services such as Taobao, Baidu Cloud, NetEase 163, Tencent QQ, Jingdong, and Alipay.

Velvet security researchers who analyzed the ransomware variant found that the attackers added malicious code to easy language software and the malicious code will be injected to various other software compiled with it.

- Infected files - A New Ransomware Strain Infected Chinese Users

In total more than 50 software poisoned with the malicious code, and the ransomware operators using Chinese social networking Douban for C&C communication. The Ransomware also tracks the details of the software installed on the victim’s computer.

The following are the information collected from Victim machine’s, the ransomware operators primarily targeting Chinese users.

  • System version information, current system login username, system login time
    CPU model.
  • Screen resolution.
  • IP and broadband provider name.
  • Software installation information.
  • Security software process information.
  • Online shopping account login information, email login information, QQ number login information, network disk login information, etc.

- Virus names - A New Ransomware Strain Infected Chinese Users

Generally, Ransomware authors ask victims to make ransom payments through bitcoins, but with this , the threat actors asked victims to make payment through WeChat payment app. Ransomware operators demand victims to pay a ransom of 110 yuan which is nearly $16.

Decryption tool released by Velvet team, WeChat have closed the account used for collecting ransom payments. Here you can see how to Defend the Ransomware Attack.

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