Sonokinetic BV is a virtual instruments manufacturer based in the Netherlands catering to composers in the media industry. The company produces professional audio that change the way content is created and help composers focus on their creativity without losing time getting stuck on technical aspects of the digital production path. , Chief Officer at , says Detectify’s extensive vulnerability database helps the team their website and is one of the main Sonokinetic use to support their web security work. Sonokinetic  - sonokinetic logo 1024x768 - Amit Verma, Sonokinetic: “We were up and running in less than 30 minutes”

What are the key challenges of working with security as an organisation?
The key challenges we face are that technology is changing rapidly, which means we face new security threats every day. It is hard to stay on of potential vulnerabilities that emerge all the time. Even if we identify the security threats, finding a solution to fix them adequately and rapidly can prove a challenge.

How did you hear about Detectify?
We were researching a number of security services based on recommendations from people we know.

What was it like to get started with the tool?
It was simple to set up the tool with little technical knowledge. We were up and running in less than .

What is your favourite Detectify function?
The most interesting feature for us is the database containing a great amount of vulnerabilities

Why would you recommend Detectify?
We benefit from using the services provided by Detectify to secure our website and we would like to tell others to secure their websites too.


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