Apple Released Security Updates  - kN1pz1527949768 - Apple Released Security Updates for Safari, iCloud, iOS ,macOS

released updates for many of their products including iOS, , iCloud, iTunes along with fixes of some serious vulnerabilities.

Safari 11.1.1 released with fixes of some critical vulnerabilities that leads to the malicious website that may be able to cause a denial of service, address bar spoofing,  cookies being overwritten also it leads to attacker perform arbitrary code execution.

macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 released with a lot more security fixes for the vulnerabilities that exist in the  10.13.4 version.

Fixed vulnerabilities for macOS that leads to execute some of the dangerous attacks such as arbitrary code with kernel privileges, perform a denial of service attack, conduct impersonation attacks etc.

All these vulnerabilities are discovered in various Framework and applications such as Accessibility Framework, AMD, Bluetooth, FontParser,iBooks, Kernel.

Also, Apple Released patches for most recently discovered EFAIL Attacks that lead to Leaked Encrypted Emails in Plain Text. This issue was addressed with the improved isolation of MIME in Mail.

Windows WebKit based vulnerability patches released for iCloud for Windows 7.5, iTunes 12.7.5 for Windows.

All the Apple Watch models are Impacted by many of critical vulnerabilties such as gain elevated privileges that discovered by   Project Zero and other vulnerabilities were reported by various security researchers and firms.

Apple Released Security Updates

You can check the update process from following links and Apple advised user to update their product and maintain your Apple product’s security.

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