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What do you mean by BITWALKING?

• Bitwalking is a digital currency introduced by project founders, Franky Imbesi and Nissan Bahar.
• A free mobile is used to count and convert a user’s steps into Bitwalking dollars.
• Each Bitwalking dollar (BW$) is earned by walking approximately 10,000 steps, or 5 miles (8 km). While each BW$ will be equivalent to $1 in the Bitwalking online store, the real-world conversation rate of each BW$ is not known.
• The app is available on devices and in a limited number of countries including the UK, Japan, Malawi, and Kenya.[4] The amount of Bitwalking dollars a user can claim per day was capped at 3BW$ at launch.


In developed nations the average person would earn around 15 BW$ a month, but it is hoped that in poorer countries where people have to walk further for work, school, or simply to collect water, the Bitwalking scheme could help transform lives.

How does Bitwalking mining work?

The Bitwalking mobile app sends the steps information to the Bitwalking network and will show the generated W$ only once the server has validated them. The steps validation process can take from a few seconds to several minutes. Once a step is verified it is assigned a W$ worth according to the current system wide step value. This sum is deposited to the user’s account.
Steps information is verified through a series of algorithms designed to maintain the consistency of the Bitwalking ecosystem. These algorithms range from basic step verification, through currency stability limitations, to advanced fraud prevention techniques.

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