(Blockchain Complex Automated Transactions) allows anyone to create, deploy and manage with a few clicks. The contracts deployment takes place on the ethereum blockchain. There is no needed to do this. BlockCAT realized that special software could be placed on Blockchains to be executed by a network of computers. This software is called a contract. contracts will be the key to the realization of a world where computer related tasks can be done autonomously without the fear of external tampering.

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Consumers can organize smart contracts, or even craft their own using the unique software.

Programmers are costly. BlockCAT made affordable smart contracts that can be accessed by those who need them.

The smart contracts are meticulously tested and examined by security experts to ensure they are safe to use and there is no risk when using them.

Mission Statement of BlockCAT:

 “Our mission is to help everyone benefit from the security and convenience of smart contracts on the Ethereum network and beyond, unlocking the door to intelligent and automated commerce at scales never before possible.”

Our team was drawn together by the disruptive power of smart contracts when made accessible. We see a future where anyone can use smart contracts, regardless of technical prowess. Thanks to their commitment to simple design and the world’s growing need for intuitive solutions, BlockCAT is poised to usher in the explosive growth phase of smart contracts.

BlockCAT’s media advisor, Ben Stevens, said this of the possibilities that smart contracts have:

“BlockCAT makes smart contracts accessible to everyday users: a local club holding deposits for equipment, co-workers raise funds for charity, small business owners taking monthly payments from customers, huge companies managing their supply chain, communities holding transparent and verifiable voting. In the future, our visual smart contracts can even be combined and chained together, building out entire business models – the possibilities are truly endless. If the smart contract you need doesn’t exist, you’ll have the tools to create it.”


BlockCAT has the following core objectives:

Build and remain as the de facto platform for creating and deploying smart contracts in an accessible fashion by delivering a device-agnostic web portal and a broad set of configurable templates for rapidly constructing, deploying, and optionally extracting data.

  • Make smart contracts quicker to use, more efficient, easier to understand, and less Costly than current agreements, contracts, and multi-step payment   solutions.
  • Provide smart contracts that are reliable and inexpensive enough that even the most

Technically acclimated smart contract developers will gain value from                using our prebuilt  or customized contracts, at a fraction of the time and            cost of manual deployment.

  • Implement the tooling necessary to create smart contracts that have minimal risk of Failure.
  • Provide integration with a variety of other valuable services such as prediction markets, payment interfaces, and digital asset/currency exchanges.
  • Provide a marketplace for curating and selling smart contracts created by the worldwide blockchain community.



BlockCAT smart contracts are meant to be used for the following applications.

  • It is meant to ensure that people can safely purchase things online. Smart contracts will ensure that both buyers and sellers uphold their agreement so they can receive the goods and funds.
  • Currently, platforms like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are popular for providing funds for entrepreneurs. However, there is no system in place to ensure that the project creators are accountable. Using BlockCAT, the entrepreneurs will be accountable for the funds they use. The increase in accountability of the project creators will make investors more confident in investingin projects since they will be sure to get returns.
  • Traditional polling systems face many threats since they operate off a centralized system. Using smart contracts as polls will make the process more transparent as the system will be operated autonomously, and there will be little risk of the results being manipulated. Anyone can also audit the results independently eliminating the need to manually program each poll.
  • An online auction is an area vulnerable to attack especially since it carries valuable information. Smart contracts will ensure that the entire process is monitored and both parties uphold their end of the bargain before the contract is executed. The auction will be done in a transparent way that is fair to everyone.


There are millions of ways which smart contracts can be effectively used. However, all of these variants can be categorized six ways:


  • Safe Remote Purchases and Escrow
  • Prediction Market Integration
  • Crowdfunding
  • Tamper Resistant Polls and Voting
  • Auctions
  • Proof of Existence


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