Do you want to gain confidence that your actions on the Internet will not be the subject of surveillance by unauthorized persons? Utopia Encrypted Messenger will help you! A brave new world that will open before you unprecedented possibilities for secure communication and data transmission over the Internet!

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Remember the
classics, how many books were written in the genre of utopia? Tens, maybe even
thousands! All authors who wrote in this style tried to draw before readers the
picture of the ideal world.

So, their
painted worlds were so pretty that there were authors who wrote in the opposite
genre, namely anti-utopia. They, unlike the first, tried to provide readers
with a picture of a quite imperfect world. The rotten world, rotten inside.
This was the future that would await people if they have not tried to change
something in their lives.

What is

Today, we
live in the age of information technology. If we draw an analogy with the time
when classics have written their masterpieces, we live in anti-utopia. Along
with the development of these information technologies, humanity once again
found itself in danger.

The best
minds of our age!

Who can save
the world? Yes, the classics of our time – programmers. After all, only they
can program special protective programs and present to mankind their new
masterpiece – Utopia. And after spending about 5 years, the best programmers
were able to create their system that provides unquestioning security on the
Internet. The name was ready – Utopia.

Utopia offers an
all-in-one encrypted decentralized platform. It is several dozen times
safer than all those that we have used before, and which, unfortunately, did
not provide us with the necessary degree of security. This specially created
ecosystem allows you to work directly in the program. You can create, edit, and
work on sites yourself using Utopia. Besides, the system offers such features
as in fact developed a system of sending messages and files, creating the chat
via email, called uMail, and even his own cryptocurrency Crypton, and the ability of Mining. Above all, there is the specially created browser – P2P Network.

Blockchain Messenger!

Why the
Utopia of the 21st century is better than the anti-utopia that we use now?

- image 7 - Brave New World: Utopia Encrypted Messenger!

Firstly, it is a high degree of security. This step of protection of personal data is provided by Hardware ID and a Private Key, which are provided to the user after registration. This procedure does not take much time, because it includes only a few simple steps:

  1. Register on the website of Utopia.
  2. Download Utopia software.
  3. Install the program.
  4. Open the Utopia on your PC.
  5. Create an account.
  6. Login up in the system.
  7. Join the community of Utopia.
  8. Activate the key and Hardware ID.
  9. Launch the program.

Now the
users of Utopia Encrypted Messenger are in a unique Brave New World,
which our generation could only dream of:

  • Fast message sending. Specially created an alternative system for receiving and sending electronic messages – uMail, which provides a 100% guarantee of personal data preservation. This feature allows you to send not only text messages, but also audio and video materials, files, documents and more. In addition to this, you can not be afraid that these data will be in the public domain because it is a closed system, access to which only you have. Also, there is a messenger that works as a social network in which you can create chats, groups, share stickers, emoticons, smiles.
- image 8 - Brave New World: Utopia Encrypted Messenger!
  • Secure storage. The financial side provides specially designed cryptocurrency of Utopia – Crypton. It can be stored under uWallet, only you have access to it. This currency can be used to make banking transactions, payments for essential goods and services on the ecosystem of Utopia. Financial security was a priority for developers, so they tried to do everything possible to ensure its quality.
- image 9 - Brave New World: Utopia Encrypted Messenger!
  • Safe performance. Specially designed P2P Network browser allows you to surf the sites not on the Internet but namely in the ecosystem, where the sites are located. No restrictions on censorship and everything is absolutely anonymous. Now you do not need to turn on the spy mode or agree to the use of cookies on your PC, everything has become much easier, more convenient, and most importantly – safer.
- image 10 - Brave New World: Utopia Encrypted Messenger!
  • Indoor games. To all of the above, you can add an entertaining aspect of Utopia – namely the creation of your Multiplayer Games. After all, the time spent on the Internet should be eaten to good use, and what could be better than to create their games, which you can play with friends.
- image 11 - Brave New World: Utopia Encrypted Messenger!
  • Mining rig. Besides, the use of Utopia can bring you bonuses, namely Mining. Utopia encourages users who use the system and rewards them by providing cryptons through the GUI based Utopia application or with terminal-based Mining bot which comes with the application. This procedure is white and safe.
- image 14 - Brave New World: Utopia Encrypted Messenger!
  • Frontend. The undoubted advantage of Utopia is also a wonderfulDesign that does not cause negative emotions. If you like black themes app – choose a black theme, if white – then white theme. Soon users will be able to create their own color schemes and themes that will be convenient for you!
- image 13 - Brave New World: Utopia Encrypted Messenger!

Right now,
the developers have launched a Beta-Version of the program. This is necessary to test all features of the program
once again before the official release. Utopia developers are recruiting the
teams of testers who will be the first who can appreciate all the advantages of
using Utopia. Also, testers will be able to get a nice reward for their
pleasant work.

Do you want
to appreciate all the advantages of the Utopia?
Yeah, these advantages were drawn to us by the classics! Now there is such a
possibility. If you are energetic, smart, initiative and you always want to try
something new, then we have good news! This job is for you! We need only you.
We will reveal all of your personality! Utopia
will paint your life in bright colors. And you, in gratitude, paint the lives
of millions of people who will use Utopia
in the future!

Don’t waste
time, join the team of testers right now and plunge into a Brave New World of new technologies with Utopia Encrypted Messenger!

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