My guest today has spent most of his adult life working in a family , starting businesses with his brothers, selling those off, and more recently, co-founding a software company.

He is the co-founder of CartHook, software designed to help e-commerce stores turn their abandoned carts into paying customers. In fact, a close friend of mine was raving about CartHook and how it drastically increased his revenue, so I decided to reach out and have today’s guest on the show.

He is also the co-host of the Bootstrapped Web Podcast.

Now, let’s hack …

Jordan Gal.

In this 44-minute episode Jordan Gal and I discuss:

  • The importance of being proactive and the willingness to be denied
  • The many different paths that led to Jordan’s success and how he learned from mistakes made along the way
  • The value of not reinventing the wheel and building upon existing business models
  • Making sure your next decision is the right decision in order to keep moving your business forward

Listen to Hack the Entrepreneur below …

- hte 2 200x200 - Business is Like a Rubik’s Cube (But You Need to Earn Your Next Move)

Business is Like a Rubik’s Cube (But You Need to Earn Your Next Move)Jon Nastor

The Show Notes

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