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Fakeapp新变体可登陆Facebook账户,直接从受害者设备中搜集用户认证信息。Read More Source link

Flawed routers with hardcoded passwords were manufactured by firm that posed “national security risk”...

Earlier this month the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) issued a warning to telecoms firms about the potential...

Virgin Media Home Routers Vulnerable to Password Attacks

Virgin Media Home Router Super Hub 2 vulnerability that has found from Default password that leads to hacking the Super Hub 2 home Routers within a day. Virgin Media, a leading provider...

Troy Hunt: Fixing Data Breaches Part 2: Data Ownership & Minimisation

Yesterday, I wrote the first part of this 5-part series on fixing data breaches and I focused on education. It's the absolute best bang for your buck by a massive...


赛门铁克对年末垃圾邮件比例做出评估;电邮漏洞导致网络钓鱼事件增多;用于挖掘加密货币的安卓应用程序在数量上有所增长。Read More Source link


Could WikiLeaks dumping CIA code create the next WannaCry or NotPetya?

In an age of nation-state level cyberwarfare, countries with the best hacking tools are the new military powers. The US has been aggressive...