You may remember “Harry Peckhard’s ALM” suite from a bit back, but did you know that Harry Peckhard makes lots of other software packages and hardware systems? For example, the Harry Peckhard enterprise division releases an “Intelligent Management Center” (IMC).

How intelligent? Well, Sam N had a co-worker that wanted to use a very long password, like “correct horse battery staple”, but but Harry’s IMC didn’t like long passwords. While diagnosing, Sam found some JavaScript in the IMC’s web interface that provides some of the stongest possible.

function encreptPassWord(){
    var orginPassText =$("#loginForm\:password").val();
    //encrept the password

    var ciphertext = encode64(orginPassText);'ciphertext:', ciphertext);


This is code that was released, in a major enterprise product, from a major vendor in the space.


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