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The Decentralized Autonomous Organization () was a digital form of venture capital. It was an ambitious idea–to provide a new decentralized business model for organizing corporations on top of the Ethereum blockchain. Few people in the crypto community were opposed to this premise–but the timeline was short, the code requirements were tremendous, and in retrospect, a vulnerability was inevitable.

The DAO launched in May 2016, setting the record for the largest crowdfunding event in history. The following month, the DAO was hacked, millions of dollars of Ether were stolen, and the reverberations of the event were a referendum on how the Ethereum community governs itself.

is a reporter for Bloomberg who has chronicled the DAO in his article The Ether Thief. He continues to follow cryptocurrencies closely, as the Internet of money fractals increasingly into the public consciousness.

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Errata: Coinbase now supports Bitcoin Cash. 


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To build the kinds of things developers want to build today, they need better tools.  That’s why Amazon Web Services built Amazon Aurora. A relational database engine that’s compatible with MySQL and PostgreSQL, and provides up to five times the performance of standard MySQL—on the same hardware, at a tenth of the cost. Amazon Aurora from AWS can scale up to millions of transactions per minute. Automatically grow your storage up to 64 terabytes. And replicates data to three different Availability Zones. And you don’t have to manage a thing. There are no upfront charges, no commitments—you only pay for what you use. Check it out, at aurora.aws.
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We know that monitoring can be a challenge…with so many services, apps, and containers to track, it’s harder than ever to understand performance, and troubleshoot issues. Built by engineers, for engineers, Datadog is a platform that’s specifically designed to provide full-stack observability for modern applications. Datadog helps dev and ops teams easily see across all their servers, containers, apps, and services to monitor performance and make data-driven decisions. Datadog integrates seamlessly to gather metrics and events from more than 200 technologies, including AWS, Chef, Docker, and Redis. With built-in dashboards, algorithmic alerts, and end-to-end request tracing, Datadog helps teams monitor every layer of their stack in one place. But don’t take our for it—start a free trial today & Datadog will send you a free T-shirt! Visit softwareengineeringdaily.com/datadog to get started. 
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If you want to start a podcast, check out Podsheets. Podsheets is a product we built to create and manage podcasts. We are podcasters ourselves–and we understand the difficulties of getting started. Podsheets makes it easy to post your episodes and distribute them to iTunes and Play with a single click. If you are curious about podcasting, but have no idea where to start, Podsheets will guide you through the process. With Software Engineering Daily, we have been producing 5 shows a week for 2 years. We understand recording, we understand how to produce your show and we understand how to get advertisers. We want to help you with this process. Check out Podsheets today. We will give you everything you need to create and manage your podcast–and if you have any questions or you get confused, you can always contact us directly for help. Podcasting is as easy as blogging–let us show you how to podcast, with Podsheets.

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