Chinese mobile developer CocoBear announced plans to bring its social role-playing game, , to and devices in English-speaking countries later this month. The game will be free to play with microtransactions, and if you’re into sims, visual novels and super hot dudes, you might want to give this one a look.

Described in a press release as a “social RPG, dress-up and mobile story game hybrid, designed and developed with the gay community in mind,” Gaydorado features multiple storylines set in a bustling metropolis, loads of different guys to date, as well as various activities to take part in. These include going to the gym, styling outfits, socializing, something called “mano-a-mano combat mode” and “romantic encounters in a bar or club.” Oh my. I’ll be in my bunk.

That all sounds pretty cute and fun, right? The game’s art style looks pretty great too. There’s a lot of attention to detail in the clothing and faces of each character, though it must be said that they’re all pretty ripped. The men range from “fit” to “massively jacked,” without much room for any other body types.

Gaydorado_Screen_7  - gaydoradoscreen7 - Dating Sim Gaydorado Brings Beefcakes Aplenty To iOS And Android
Whatever Michael, you saucy tart Photo: CocoBear Games

The press release doesn’t reveal much in terms of the game’s story — you play a character who’s just moved to the big city of Gaydorado, in search of love, adventure, success. Pretty standard. Images of the game offer some more clues of what to expect in terms of plot — diabolical divas in fur wraps, and possible jaunts on a private jet. 

Gaydorado_Screen_8  - gaydoradoscreen8 - Dating Sim Gaydorado Brings Beefcakes Aplenty To iOS And Android
Who is this bitch and why won’t she leave my sexy manservant alone?! Photo: CocoBear Games

The screens also offer some small clues about the genre-spanning gameplay. I’m curious about the Primp and Honey icons, which I’d assume have to do with costume changes and interacting with a boyfriend. Maybe Growth is the gym? And is that… is that a dick as the Leaderboard icon?

The game also boasts a robust social component, according to CocoBear’s press release: “With a strong sense of community at its heart, Gaydorado offers carefully designed and implemented social systems – allowing players to chat to one another across the globe either in public or private chat rooms.”  Which is cool, I guess, if you’re into that stuff. As for me, I’ll just be collecting all the sweet sweet candy boys all by my lonesome.

Gaydorado_Screen_2  - gaydoradoscreen2 - Dating Sim Gaydorado Brings Beefcakes Aplenty To iOS And Android
The leaderboard icon is a dong, right? Photo: CocoBear Games

Be sure to check back with Player.One for more info about Gaydorado in the future, and let us know in the comments if you’re planning to download this mobile game once it becomes available!

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