gLinux  - rthuy - Debian The New Choice For Google’s Linux Distribution

A year ago, at Debconf17, reported that they would change to a new rolling release called gLinux, which depends on Testing.

After over five years with Ubuntu, Google is supplanting Goobuntu with gLinux, a distribution in view of Debian Testing release. The gLinux is being built from the source code of the bundles and Google acquaints its own particular changes with it. The progressions will likewise be contributed to the upstream.

The current Debian Testing release is Debian 10 Buster. Google has built up an internal tool to migrate the current frameworks from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to Debian 10 Buster. Task pioneer Margarita asserted in the Debconf talk that device was tested to work fine.

On the off chance that you are believing that you can get your hands on both of Goobuntu or gLinux, you’ll need to land a position at Google. It is an inside task of Google and isn’t open to the general public.

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When Google selected Ubuntu LTS for stability. Presently it is moving to Debian testing branch for auspicious testing the bundles. Be that as it may, it isn’t clear why Google chose to change to Debian from Ubuntu. Likewise google intends to send the progressions to Debian Upstream and thus adding to its improvement.

Tragically, for Canonical, the Ubuntu-maker is going to lose a client who is paying in bulk. But in 2012, Canonical had cleared up that Google isn’t their biggest business work. Overall, it is an uplifting news for Debian.

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