On May 11th, we co-organised a security together with PHP Stockholm at SUP46, where our knowledge advisor Frans Rosén talked about vulnerabilities and ways to make PHP code more secure. Over 60 PHP experts attended this event and we loved discussing security in such a great environment! We enjoyed chatting to everyone and listening to the talks by the other two speakers at the meetup, Magnus Nordlander from Fervo and Davey Shafik from Akamai.

The video of Frans’ talk is now up and running, so go on and watch it if you’d like to know more about PHP security!

In between the talks, there was food and beer, and plenty of opportunities for networking and PHP chat. The team was decked out in gear!

DetectifyTeam  - detectifyteam - Detectify at PHP Meetup | Detectify Blog

We’re looking forward to hosting more events and sharing our security knowledge. And don’t forget, we’ve got stickers… 🙂

DetectifyTeam  - CiL10 PUgAAauP2 - Detectify at PHP Meetup | Detectify Blog

Stay safe!
//The Detectify Team

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