seems nothing less than some sort of luxury to Windows users for a simple reason that it’s a neat, slick messaging label by Apple and perhaps, never coming to Windows.


A while ago, rumors of iMessage venturing into other ecosystems got us excited, but it immediately fell off the radar and no progress was seen. Given that iMessage is a great, well-supported service, Apple sees a heavy migration of iOS users to Windows or Android if ever a version for the latter is launched. So it’s pretty safe to assume that Apple isn’t interested in iMessage-for-Windows and all that long-standing rant of yours.


That said, there are still ways to get iMessage on , and the list of possible alternate methods begins with . Wherever you look, there’re how-tos on iMessage for PC using Bluestacks or iPadian, which actually make us weep and laugh at the same time. Know why.


There’s absolutely no skepticism about how great iMessage as an app is. It’s pretty neat and intuitive; turning even better with iOS 11. Everybody over Windows wants it, and for the lack of knowledge or we don’t know what, they’re usually tricked into using Emulators for downloading iMessage on PC. Please understand that emulators are heavy pieces of software, which take up a lot of room inside, and cripple it for speed. That’s a huge inconvenience, of course. Just imagine yourself staring at your PC while it’s frozen at a moment, testing all the patience you’ve.


Long story short, emulators have nothing much to be thankful for. Certainly, they help you gain access to many apps, but considering how they put your PC out of action and make it sluggish, are they of any worth? Decide for yourself.



Since emulators are a pain and impact the efficiency of your PC, we’ve decided to give you a heads-up on a method of downloading iMessage without using one. It involves the use of Chrome Remote desktop extension, along with a Mac computer with iMessage.


The process is pretty simple, hassle-free and explained in the section below. Keep reading.


  1. In a first, install Google Chrome on Windows PC and Mac both. Once the download completes, install the Chrome Remote Desktop extension and launch it.
  2. Now, download the Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer on your Mac. Keep following the instructions to connect Mac with Windows PC for remote access.
  3. Launch the Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac.
  4. Soon, you’ll be given a security pin to enter the Chrome on Windows PC and access Mac remotely. This pin will be 12-digit long to allow you a shared session.
  5. Now, you’ve the access of your Mac device from your PC. Start using iMessage from your PC.


Method – 2


Another method talks about jailbreaking your iOS device, and to perform it, you need Cydia – a popular iOS-based utility to get all the apps, themes and everything you need to customize your iOS device. You can have Cydia either by downloading the app on your device without a PC, or using a jailbreak tool like Taig or Pangu (which necessarily runs on your PC or Mac) to bypass the software restrictions on your iOS device.


The process of downloading iMessage for PC is elaborated step-by-step below. Take a look.


  1. Once you’ve downloaded the Cydia app from the app store, open it and tap on ‘Remote Images’.
  2. A window will pop up, asking you to authenticate the session. Tap yes to enable it.
  3. Now, create a username and password, and make sure that your Mac and PC are connected to the same Wi-Fi connection.
  4. Open the browser in PC and enter the IP address before enabling it further.
  5. Press ‘Enter’ to launch a window, asking for the username and password details.
  6. The setup is now . Use iMessage straight from your PC now.


We hope, you’ve found the methods easy. For any guidance, drop a line to us in the comments section below. If you know any better, easier ways, share with us and we’ll take that up.


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