Web security is a priority for every bank, but perhaps even more so for a bank that has decided to focus on services, via phone and banking. SBAB aims to be a challenger bank and has embraced an agile way of working where innovation permeates the entire organisation, including development. ’s IT security team uses Detectify to improve the security of their public website. We talked to , who works with IT Security at SBAB, to learn more about his thoughts on web security and .

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What attracted you to working with security?
I have always thought web security was exciting because it allows you to work with the latest technology and always be at the front edge.

How does SBAB work with security?
Customers’ heightened awareness of security issues along with more comprehensive legislation have rendered security more crucial than ever. Our development team has a rigorous testing process where security plays a key role in every phase, from development to production. We also invest in internal education and allow developers to learn how to write safer code. Our agile way of working means that team members are encouraged to try out new ideas and services that could improve our security and this is exactly how we came across Detectify. Naturally, we also have other projects dedicated to preventing security breaches.

How do you use Detectify?
Every part of our development chain is supported by a comprehensive set of testing tools and Detectify is an addition to our production phase. We run Detectify’s security tests as part of our security program for our public web. It is extremely that this customer-facing site is secure.

How would you describe your experience with Detectify?
It was very easy to get started with Detectify. When testing new products, we always start with a Proof of concept period and then determine if the has worked well and created value, which was the case with Detectify. Everyone in the team was very happy with Detectify – it is the we have had most using! We appreciate the information and remediation tips you offer as we have learnt a lot from them.

Why would you recommend Detectify?
I would recommend Detectify because it is fast, identifies the most vulnerabilities and weeds out false positives. We can rely on you to detect relevant findings!

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