The objective of this complete course is, above all, to master the main core technologies for Front-End web development. In passing you will be able to attend the official Microsoft exams 70-480

Whether you want to prepare for the official exam or need to boost our current knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for your work, this is your course!

Upon finishing this training you will have a much deeper and professional knowledge of the following technologies:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Advanced JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • APIs de HTML5

And you’ll be able to spare to take the exam 70-480 (required for certification  MCSA: Web Applications from Microsoft), with which you get directly certification MTA: HTML5 Application Development Fundamentals.

Note: Although the 70-480 exam does not directly award a certification, bear in mind that, bypassing any official Microsoft exam you always get:  An official Microsoft diploma, your online MCP profile and the badge that certifies that you have passed the exam.- 1 - Exam Preparation Tips and Tricks for Microsoft MCSD 70-480

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This course is divided into the following learning blocks:

Block 1: HTML5 and CSS3

In this block, you will learn all the innovations of HTML5 and CSS3, as well as reinforce important concepts of these technologies that you probably did not have as clear as you thought.

  • MODULE 1: Text and fundamental elements of HTML5
  • MODULE 2: Cascading Style Sheets in depth
  • MODULE 3: The model of boxes in depth
  • MODULE 4: Images, figures, maps and sprites
  • MODULE 5: Multimedia: audio and in HTML5
  • MODULE 6: Positioning, layout and semantic layout in HTML5.
  • MODULE 7: Forms in HTML5

Blocks 2: JavaScript

JavaScript is a language very misunderstood and full of nuances. With this study block, you will learn important details of the internal functioning of JavaScript, you will master the object-oriented programming, the work with the DOM … among many other things.

  • MODULE 8: Important or little-known details about functions, areas, and structures.
  • MODULE 9: Structured exception handling and debugging
  • MODULE 10: Working with dates, time and timers
  • MODULE 11: Object-Oriented Programming with JavaScript in depth
  • MODULE 12: Dynamic manipulation of elements
  • MODULE 13: In-depth events
  • MODULE 14: Ajax and communications with the

Bloque 3: jQuery

Although JavaScript is the base of the Web, there are countless libraries built with this language that use it to make life easier when programming. The best known and used of them all is jQuery. The official certification of Microsoft requires knowing it, and it will also be useful for your day to day as well. This block shows you its fundamentals to take advantage of it

  • MODULE 15: Fundamentals of jQuery.
  • MODULE 16: Additional jQuery functionality

Block 4: Advanced HTML5 APIs

HTML5, in addition to new tags and ways to work with the content, includes many new programming APIs that try to close the existing gap between the web and the desktop. With them, you can create JavaScript Web applications with capabilities that were previously only available in traditional applications. A qualitative leap in the capabilities of your applications.

  • MODULE 17: Transitions, 2D / 3D transformations and animations with CSS3.
  • MODULE 18: Creation of interactive graphics with SVG.
  • MODULE 19: Web Applications without an Internet connection.
  • MODULE 20: Storage API for local storage.
  • MODULE 21: Access to the file system from the browser: File API.
  • MODULE 22: Geolocation and use of Google Maps.
  • MODULE 23: Real-time communications on the web with Web Sockets.
  • MODULE 24: Multimedia (audio and video).

Block 5: for the exam + Simulation of the exam

In the final part of the course, we offer some practical advice at the time of presenting you for the certification exam, taken from our experience of many years making them

Previous requirements

To follow this course with guarantees, students must have basic HTML, CSS and intermediate knowledge of JavaScript. It does not start from scratch.

This course is huge. You will not find anything so complete or detailed nor far away in the market. Now, it requires a commitment on your part. If you will not be able to devote at least 7-8 hours each week for 4 months, you will not make the most of it. Make sure you have that commitment and you can do it successfully. You will end up knowing a lot!

Technical requirements

All the necessary software to follow this course and learn the subject is free and the necessary links are provided to download it. You will only need an Internet connection and a browser.

You can follow the course from any device (desktop, laptop or tablet) and practice those learned in , Mac OS or Linux

Professional outings

With the knowledge acquired in this course, supported by the official certification, you are able to access the most demanded jobs in the labor market, among others:

  • Front-End Web designer
  • JavaScript programmer
  • HTML5 Developer
  • The developer of mobile Web applications

And you will have enough base to be able to later specialize in related technologies such as Angular, NodeJS, online game development …

Why learn with us?

Because we create online courses of proven quality whose authors and tutors are recognized experts in the sector. You will learn at your own pace from the hand of a true specialist and you will stop tumbling over the internet looking for how to do anything you need.

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