- Screenshot 101 740x492 - Google’s App Can Now Match Your Selfies To Famous Paintings

Arts & Culture had been around for some time, it’s a simple that offers insight into culture and art pieces, including well-written and passionate articles. But, if you wanted a history lesson, you’d go to that public book blockbuster thing everyone’s always raving about. Thankfully, Google realized this and made the a little more exciting with a new facial recognition and matching feature.

Now, the app can take your everyday and them to portrait .  It’s gotten so popular over the last week that even celebrities are jumping on board to see who they look like.

Maybe this will be the new craze that sweeps the country, I can see it now. “oh man, I got Galileo!”. “That’s cool, but I got Margaretha Leuveling.” Hey, anything’s better than idiot kids munching on packets of laundry detergent.

Google Arts & Culture app is available to download for free on the iOS and Google app stores.

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