I need a solution

We’re seeing the error “ failed to insert hardware drivers” on all imaging tasks after going to from RU5. Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

I’ve just finished recompiling one of our WinPE automation environments and am testing it now – I’ll post back the result in case anyone else hasn’t yet upgraded and runs into the same trouble.

Update: Recompiling one of our WinPE bootdiscs hasn’t helped. Same error across at least 6 different hardware configs ranging from notebook to desktop to workstation. I can’t even see a window being called for the Deployanywhere task – whilst running it by hand you see the expected output so this appears to be an issue with our or a straight up major bug in RU6.

I’d appreciate to hear from anyone else that’s gone to RU6 and has deployanywhere working successfully just so I know to revert to a snapshot/backup and try our upgrade again.


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