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The trend and news about
the internet of things have been very loud. Almost everyone is talking about a smart
home and its functionalities. Well, there may be many advantages, but one thing
that enthusiast has been hitting on is security. If every device you’re using
in the home can connect to other devices, there may be a problem one day.

Also, their data sharing
capability is alarming. Many have been asking about the assurance that people’s
sensitive information will be safe. Now, it has happened. The recent warnings
are that can attack smart devices or appliances and lift sensitive

Hackers may have a field
day stealing people’s information

A security firm executive has come out to say that people are now vulnerable to hackers. Chief Vince Steckler has stated that all the connected devices are now a source of information for miscreants. Gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, etc. are no longer safe since the owners can lose personal information through them. He went further to reveal that cyber thieves can explore potential vulnerabilities in IoT to compromise people’s secrets.

Steckler further stated
that people could not protect their televisions and coffee machines. As such,
these gadgets are now vectors to hack people’s account.

Survey Reveals
Vulnerabilities in IoT

Recently, many surveys have discovered that IoT is not very secure like we thought. There are many vulnerabilities which no one knew about all these while. Many of the smart appliances and devices we use are not so safe anymore.

One expert in
cybersecurity Yossi Atias has exposed the vulnerability in “Amazon Ring Video
Doorbell” This was at a Mobile World Congress which he attended. He gave a live
presentation of hacking into the doorbell and exposed what nobody knew about.
Let’s recall that this device is one of the most popular IoT devices in the

From Yossi’s performance,
we learned that hackers could expose members of a family to danger. The
vulnerability allows hackers to inject counterfeit traffic and arbitrary
surveillance capability.

Another research last
year by Check Point, a provider of cybersecurity solutions, revealed some
things too. They discovered that fax machines are vulnerable too. According to
the researchers, hackers can steal a company’s data from the network with a fax
number or line. They also demonstrated with the Hewlett Packard
“all-in-one” printer. Two of the team members who performed were Eyal Itkin and
Yaniv Balmas at “DEFCON 26.”

The third group who has revealed their findings on the IoT vulnerabilities are security experts from Texas University. According to them, an inter-connected bulb is all it takes for hackers to get your private data. The two companies they used for this study were Philips Hue and LIFX lighting systems. From their explanation and presentation, hackers can attack a user by confusing the infrared light.

They will simply create a
channel through which the smart light and another infrared-sensing device can
communicate. Once they create this channel, it will become easy to install an
agent on the user’s phone and hack data. Afterward, they can transfer the date
using the “infrared covert channel.”

The Way Forward For Users
Of Smart Devices

It’s true that all these
discoveries are alarming, but there is a solution. According to the
researchers, once a user enforces a solid network system, the hackers will not
have any access to them. Also, reducing the brightness and light transmittance
of smart bulbs which stop the hackers will make things okay.

Well, this has always
been the concern of many people in the industry. Maybe now that it is open,
solutions will come faster.


Hackers Alert: Coffee machines Are Vulnerable to Attacks  - wAAACwAAAAAAQABAEACAkQBADs  - Hackers Alert: Coffee machines Are Vulnerable to Attacks

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Hackers Alert: Coffee machines Are Vulnerable to Attacks


Steckler further stated that people could not protect their televisions and coffee machines. As such, these gadgets are now vectors to hack people’s account.


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