Navi Mumbai Hospital  - Navi Mumbai Hospital - Hackers Compromised Navi Mumbai Hospital Computers Sytems With Ransomware

attack hits computer systems of Mahatma Gandhi Mission . The attack came into light on Sunday when a receptionist switched on her computer.

As soon as they noticed the attack, the hospital authorities tried to disconnect other machines from the network, but it was too late as all the system already infected reports TOI.

Hospital’s technical team trying to decrypt the data, the good news is that the hospital had data backed up until and they are also trying to gather July month data.

The ransomware is a turnkey business for some criminals, it’s become a billion-dollar industry that shows no signs of going away anytime soon. The cost of Ransomware attacks Crossed more than $1Billion in a single year alone and day by day number of Ransomware attacks are increasing and threatening around the world.

Hospital Systems administrator said we received a link with that has ransom demand from , but we have not opened it.

The hospital system Computerised billing and medicine prescription were affected with the attack, authorities said last 15 days data has been encrypted.

Ransomware enter’s into the network through many possible ways that include Phishing Email, Email Attachments, Embedded Hyperlink, Websites & Downloads and Drive by Infection.

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