that redistribute pirated or copyright content has dependably been on the radar of copyright holders. Content makers and copyright holders are attempting their best to shut down to torrent facilitating .

Government and numerous ISP suppliers have crackdowns have made it increasingly hard to get on the web and locate the content we searching for. An expected 830 sites have been hindered by the Government and ISP suppliers.

There are a lot of workarounds to get to torrent websites, and in this article we will impart two or three least demanding methods to you that you can give an attempt.

How To Unblock Torrent Websites?

#1.Start on a Different Connection

A simple method to unblock torrent websites on these networks is by connecting to a different network. As many ISPs only apply basic blocks which just restrict first point of connection.

For example: Connect your smartphone to internet data and tethering from it.

#2.Use VPN Service To Unblock Torrent Website

On the off chance that you are a specialist in messing around network settings then you can utilize a VPN/Virtual Private Network to unblock the torrent websites.

A VPN can give dependable and facilitated work between PCs of the organization. It is likewise equipped for the exchanging corporate IP activity utilizing the secure protocol.

With the VPN you can mask the location and there are some Super Simple VPN Service with Blazing pace and with strict no-log policy no-log strategy, keep you secure and ensure your protection on the web.

Top 5 Rated Best VPN Service 2018

#3.Modify The DNS Server

ISPs only implement DNS level block and by default we are using DNS servers allotted or controlled by our ISP. In order to access the blocked websites you will have to switch to public DNS.

Check below for the information on public DNS server details.

DNS: |
OpenDNS: |
Comodo DNS: |


Go to Network And Sharing Center >> Change Adapter Settings >> Right Click on Ethernet or Wifi Adapter >> Properties >> Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) >> Enter the DNS details >> Ok

Select Network Applet >> Edit Connections >> Edit >> IPv4 Settings >> Automatic (DHCP) addresses only >> DNS Servers >> Mentioned each DNS address separated by coma >>Ok

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