A year ago, thinks of an extremely imaginative element of which enable clients to include Videos, Photo or Text with Emoji to their Statuses. The statuses are end-to-end encrypted and gets erased naturally following 24 hours.

Having said that, not at all like the photos, recordings and different archives shared to companions in an individual or a group chat, the photos and recordings shared in WhatsApp Status can’t be saved on your smartphone. Obviously, you can simply take a preview of a photo or recordings the video utilizing recorder. Yet, odds are you will out on quality.

The purpose behind saving photos and recordings shared in your companion’s Status can be diverse for all. On the off chance that it’s something cool, clever or useful, you should need to share it encourage with your loved ones. Indeed, if this sounds like you, we demonstrate to you best practices to spare WhatsApp Status photos and videos on your smartphone in this article.

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Method 1 To WhatsApp Statuses

  • Turn on Internet and Open your Whatsapp Account
  • Go to Status and watch the status you need to download/Save
  • At that point open your File Manager
  • Go to Settings and select Show Hidden Files

- status1 - How To Download WhatsApp Statuses

  • At that point explore to Folder: Whatsapp –> Media –> .statuses

- status2 - How To Download WhatsApp Statuses- status5 - How To Download WhatsApp Statuses

  • There you can see all your WhatsApp contact’s Status
  • Essentially Copy/Move that File and Place in another folder.

- status4 - How To Download WhatsApp Statuses

  • There’s nothing more to it!!! You have downloaded your companion’s WhatsApp status Video/Picture

Method 1 To Download WhatsApp Statuses

  1. Launch Google Play Store in your gadget and search for “Story Saver for Whatzapp” or click here for Story Saver for WhatsApp
  2. Open the Application and at the base of the display tap on “New” which will show all the recent status.
  3. From the Status accessible tap on the Photo, GIF or Video to open it.
  4. esently beneath the Status, tap on the Down Arrow option which will download the Status to your smartphone Gallery.

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