How To - Uncompressed on . WhatsApp the most popular chat on Mobile is Amazing. We can chat, exchange the Pics, Videos, Contacts. WhatsApp Compresses the Image before sending which reduces both the Image Quality and file size but we don’t want the Image Quality to reduce well Here is how to send Image in High Quality and bypass file size limit in sending the Images.

WhatsApp compresses the High-Quality Images and the Receiver gets a compressed images and the quality is lost. Today we let you know the trick to send Uncompressed Images.

WhatsApp Now Lets you send Multiple Items or File types.

Now the Hack

Instead of Sending the Image from Gallery,
Send the Document and select the Image from Files Manager.
- Screenshot 20180105 005859 169x300 - [How To] WhatsApp: Send High Quality Image Audio Video

The Document File type sent won’t have a preview on your chat screen but the Image is sent uncompressed without Quality Loss.

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