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This blog is useful for any Startup or Entrepreneur, who is planning to build a successful business model like . In this article, we have covered a single , used by for its business growth.

The concept of ride-sharing apps has been a mammoth affair ever since 2012. Undoubtedly, Uber has become one of the recognized ride-sharing services across the world. You may be aware of the idea behind the Uber. Let us introduce it briefly before diving into the concept.

A transportation app, Uber enables people to book a cab through the app. The replacement of old public transportation services into on-demand taxi service – is the main idea behind the Uber app. In the year of 2016, Uber was successfully completed 2 billion in one week, according to the of Reuters.

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Uber’s Growth

Currently, Uber has changed the way as people used transportation in the past. And, it has made to hire a cab in a fraction of minutes. If we talk about Uber’s growth, throughout the time period of 2009 to 2016, the total raised approximately $11.5 billion from 14 rounds of private equity investors and venture capital, according to the Crunchbase report.

Let us walk through the growth of the on-demand taxi company – Uber.

  • Uber service is available more than 83 countries and 760 cities across the world, according to the latest report of Uber.

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  • According to the report, “Uber accomplishes 40 million rides per month, and it has over 77% of the US ride-hailing market”.
  • In the table below, you can see about the Uber’s growth in different areas, including Gross booking in 2016, Gross revenue, Net revenue, Raise in VC (Venture Capital), valuation, and average income from 2016 to 2017.

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  • In the below graph between Uber, Lyft (Uber’s competitor) and Yellow taxi services. It is cleared that the growth of Uber has been growing since 2016.

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Apart from this, it is important to dive into the concept of what strategy is followed by Uber, and how can you can take the idea in order to develop an app like Uber. Have a look.

Uber’s Strategy – Study Users’ Problems and Requirements

For any startup owners or Entrepreneurs, before developing a ride-hailing app, in fact, any , it is important to understand users’ current challenges and requirements. Herein, we have compiled major challenges, which were noticed & solved by Uber before the emergence of any online ride-hailing services through the mobile app. Let us check them out.

Challenge:1 The Fear of Unfamiliarity

Uber noticed that people had fear of unfamiliarity of drivers. Moreover, the majority of people were not comfortable to ride with the unknown driver. Just because they would not be much familiar with the driver.

Solution by Uber

Uber had taken this challenge very seriously, and they came up with the idea in which people can see the profile and status of drivers before hiring the cab. Through Uber app, users can now see the driver’s profile, his past trips, and the ratings. By inducing this trend, Uber has broken the fear of unfamiliarity in people. Check out this image, for example.

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Challenge:2 Not Able to Get Real-time Notifications About The Ride

Before Uber, people were not able to get the real-time notifications of their rides. Due to this, people had faced hurdles in their daily lives, for instance, reaching out to their offices or doctor appointments.

Solution By Uber

Uber had noticed these issues were faced by people, and they came back with the feature in which people could check out driver’s location after booking the cab and they also get real-time notifications about their rides in terms of arrival and the cancellation of rides.

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Challenge:3 People Were Afraid to Stick in Traffic for Long Hours

Due to long waiting hours of a traffic jam, people were usually stuck in their routes. One of the biggest challenges, users faced because of the lack of knowledge about the shortest routes, where they could meet less traffic.

Solution By Uber

Uber closely noticed this challenge, and they worked on it. Uber came up with the idea in which Uber app only provides one of the shortest routes with less traffic area to Uber drivers. From now on, people have less fear to stuck in traffic for long hours while driving through Uber app. In fact, they have advertised this single feature in India with #LookBeforeYouLeave concept.

Challenge:4 Users Wanted to Go Cashless in Taxi, too

In the past, users’ first concern was – cashless payment while booking taxis. They were not able to pay their drivers through online. And, this was the major challenge was faced by the majority of people.

Solution By Uber

Uber noticed the above issue, and came up with the solution – go with the cashless while driving the cab through Uber app. The cashless payment system was induced by Uber in order to prevent the people who wanted to travel cashless.

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Apart from aforementioned solutions, which are provided by Uber after noticing various challenges faced by the majority of people.

Indeed, Uber has successfully made the market a better, more efficient place through an on-demand service in terms of taxi booking.

2 Important Lessons for Startups and Entrepreneurs

Herein, we’ve analyzed the common concerns, which are faced by users who seek an ideal taxi booking app.

As long as the perfect lesson is concerned for the startup and the Entrepreneurs, here’s what you need to do –

  1. The first and the foremost thing is to understand the challenges from the users’ ends, as what Uber did before its idea in the marketplace globally.
  2. The second one is you need to come up with the solutions, that must be flexible and rewarding.

Therefore, you just need to keep aforementioned problems and solutions in your mind before developing a taxi booking app like Uber.

Space-O and Its Startup Clients

To wrap up, it is important to mention that to get the success like Uber app, there are several factors, which you need to check out.

Now, you might be having questions like how much does it cost to make an app like Uber? In general, it all depends upon the functionality, features, and the platform (such as & iOS) as what you would choose to develop an app. Well, a number of factors are required to be considered whilst estimating the cost of the Uber-clone app.

At Space-O Technologies, we’ve worked with 25+ startups, and encouraged them to make continuous enhancement as per the end users’ requirements, too. If you are one of the startup owners or Entrepreneurs, who wants to build a triumphant business model, no matter what are the conditions. We can provide you the optimal solution.

In addition, when it comes to mobile app development cost, then it may vary developer to developer as every mobile app development company usually do charge on hourly basis.

If you need knowledge or support related to Uber like apps, share your thoughts with us through below given form. Still, if you might have queries or confusion related to cost of developing an like Uber, get in touch with us, we will revert you within 48 hours.




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