You all know Huawei and how big it is. It is the third largest smartphone selling brand in the world. Yes, besides Apple and Samsung Huawei is the ruler of the entire smartphone industry. Their mobiles are innovative and decently priced which competes with all the flagships. Isn’t it?

Huawei Next Step? No More Production of Apple Products in China?  - highcompress No More Apple in China - Huawei Next Step? No More Production of Apple Products in China?

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Recently Google announced that they are stopping business with Huawei which is very drastic. Once Google announced this statement on their twitter handle, everyone got shocked. So, what is this ban? How it affects the end consumer. If you own a Huawei mobile, what are the things you will lose due to this ban?

Let us look at all things in detail in this article. If you want to know why the U.S banned Huawei bear with us throughout this article. In the end, you came to know why they did it and Huawei can recover from this ban. Without wasting any more time, let us tell you the whole story. Before getting into the deeper side of this ban, I will tell you it will look like a political drama thriller.

All this ban is because of international political drama. Huawei was started to get rid of other U.S brands in China. As expected, it was a huge hit in China by outnumbering the mobile sales of Apple. After that, they want to expand their mobile to other parts of the world like India, Europe, America, and many other places. Once they started selling mobiles in all these countries, their brand value and their loyal customers increased exponentially.

It gives them the boost to come up with the most innovative and affordable mobiles than other brands. Huawei P30 Pro is still the best in class mobile in the camera department when compared with any other brands flagships. Due to this many tech giants have immense anger on Huawei. Even some articles tell Apple is one of the companies which is the reason for this ban. But there is any solid evidence which revealing all these talks. Many countries thought it would lead us to world war III and countries have to stand behind either America or China.

What the US states for this ban? US Government states that Huawei helps the Chinese government to monitor the US people activities. Frankly, they help the Chinese government to spy all the things that the US do. In their , they told they already warned Huawei by giving some strikes. Before this ban, the US Government banned the usage of Huawei mobiles for all government officials as the measure for lack of security. But the reason for the ban is not the security issues in mobiles.

Other than mobile Huawei is famous for their networking devices. I am talking about routers, chips, network towers. Yes, Huawei is famous for constructing and maintaining the network towers. Technically, you can tap and monitor all the calls if you have physical access to the tower. In this case, the network tower was built by the Huawei.

Also, they state that Huawei is not providing any security updates and any other methods to get rid off the security issues. The other concern is Huawei is very much close to the Chinese government. Even the positions of the company are former Chinese army officials.

If China pulls all its products from American shelves the USA would collapse in 6 months China owns the USA. 95% of manufacturing comes from China. Yes, You read it right 95% including Apple iPhone, iPad and all major manufacturing units of Apple is in China. And the massive savings that come with Chinese manufacturing will be lost and even more financial ruin would happen to the USA.

I think this is an opportunity for Chineses to revolutionize the world and get the recognition as the origin of all human knowledge. Showing that anything is possible without Americans. If they can solve with no need intervention of the US collaboration would be a great success ever, that I’ve been dreaming on for a long time, but if they fail, will actually be a piece of evidence that without America we’re all nothing. – Says Huawei Users

Well, Now let’s see what would be the end result of this Tech War between Huawei and US Government. We have opened the comment sections. Please let me know what you think about this?

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