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Alerting is two things to cybersecurity: the most important aspect, and the most overwhelming. According to a study performed by Ovum, 37% of banks receive over 200,000 – a day. How can any bank, no matter how large, and how many experts they have, efficiently and thoroughly go through that many alerts? Due in part to this volume, Cisco reports that only 55% of these daily alerts are actually investigated.

The Target breach from 2013 is the most well-known example of alert overload directly leading to a high-profile security breach. They had alerting products in place, but the number of alerts was so high that the breach was overlooked. This lead to a massive security breach resulting in loss of customers, company revenue, jobs, and consumer confidence.

This is why having a comprehensive cybersecurity solution makes such a big difference in battling criminals to keep your financial institution safe.


The Solution

DefenseStorm provides a single dashboard so you can see all your security tools in one place. You can confidently manage internal and external threats without having to login to multiple systems.

Our co-managed approach, where we, our customers and the DefenseStorm Security Data Platform are joined as partners in your defense, is a different approach and one of the reasons DefenseStorm enjoyed a 100% customer retention in 2016.


Alert Inbox

A majority of alerts are found to be either non malicious, or have already been addressed by your antivirus, firewall, or IPS systems. Alert Inbox is DefenseStorm’s tool for triaging related alerts quickly. With the touch of a button, an analyst can triage hundreds or thousands of related alerts. Alerts can be searched just like events with DefenseStorm’s powerful search capabilities, which means you can analyze alerts for commonalities and trends.

DefenseStorm can automatically correlate alerts and hide alerts that are uncorrelated, drastically reducing the number of alerts. For example, you can see when a computer on your network had three anomalies associated with it in a day, and instead of dealing with three disparate anomaly notifications, you have to investigate only one.




The DefenseStorm platform allows you to create classifiers that reduce the number of false positives that make their way to your inbox. If you continue getting alerts on a non-issue, you can create a classifier to automatically stop all alerts fitting the description. For example, you can create a classifier to stop alerts for certain IPs, threat feeds, or websites.

DefenseStorm’s advanced alerting platform comes with a library of indicators of compromise that are constantly updated by our Guardian team. Their goal is to have high quality alerts that don’t drown you in needless notifications while finding malicious activity quickly.




Why wade through 200,000+ cybersecurity alerts a day, when DefenseStorm can find the most relevant ones to your network security and monitor them for you. Utilize DefenseStorm to help automatically reduce the noise; allowing you to focus on what’s really important – keeping your network safe and secure.




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