Planning your 2015 budget? Forecasting 2015 sales? Don’t forget a plan to survive “adverse events” from hurricanes to viruses, virtual and medical. This recorded webinar will help you get with continuity management or .

Business continuity is a term that can sound strange the first time you hear it; after all, you probably have every intention of being in business for the long haul. Right now you may be preparing the 2015 sales forecast and budget, with hopes for a great year ahead. But in your planning, have you thought about how your business would handle the bad things that can happen, from a computer virus outbreak to a biological virus outbreak, and all the other perils in-between, like fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and tsunamis?

Putting a plan in place to survive such “adverse events” is the goal of business continuity management or BCM, and it could well be the key to securing your digital future. Here is a 50 minute webinar that I recorded on this topic earlier this year. If you want to get a handle on planning for the future of your business, take a listen:

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