Comparing to Hat is kind of like comparing the good guys to the bad guys. White Hat look for vulnerabilities and them, whereas Black Hat have a more mischievous agenda. They are the guys you usually see in the movies a bank and stealing money. White Hat hackers are the people working to make the world a safer place – like your favorite team of hackers at Detectify!

Comment from our expert:
“White Hat hackers are consultants and good hearted people that find vulnerabilities on sites and services and report them to the company to prevent them from being hacked in the future. Many companies offer ” Programs” where they ask White Hackers to try and hack their sites in order to find loopholes, and in return they get a cash award for it.”

“The bigger the security breach they find, the more money the company is willing to pay. Hackers looking for those kinds of bugs and vulnerabilities on sites to get those kinds of awards are referred to as Bug Bounty Hunters,” explains Johan Edholm at Detectify.

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