There is a lot think about when it comes to , but what is the one most important piece of advice a expert can give?

Comment from our expert:
”My one advice is to think more about web security overall. That in itself would be a major improvement from what we see today. Most probably think ’I don’t know anything about security’ and give up directly. The whole field of web security may come across as difficult and vague, but to at least be aware of (or try to be aware of) your behavior is a good first step. Ask questions like ’Is this really reasonable?’ when you install things on your computer, on WordPress or when you share your data with apps or Facebook. Try and put yourself in the shoes of someone who is out to get you, how are you making it easier for that person to reach you?”

What is the most common security people make?
”The most common mistake, and the one that has the biggest impact, is using the same password for multiple sites and services. This is something that we keep on repeating, but it’s still equally as important. It really is a bad, bad idea to use the same password in many places,” says Johan Edholm at Detectify.

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