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Are you wondering what updating your has to do with cyber security? Well, quite a lot actually. While resumes are used to attract recruiters and potential employers, they also attract some unwanted guests – . Due to the amount of personal information on a resume, they are perfect for social engineering schemes. What can you do to prevent your resume from being a social engineering tool?


Be Vague

One way to keep your resume from being used in a cyber attack is to keep your job duties somewhat vague. Don’t get too detailed in the processes and tools you went through every day. These types of statements can give a bad actor valuable insight into your network.  Being vague boils down to not providing more information than necessary. Give them the bare minimum information while still explaining your job responsibilities.


Bad Example: Each day I would use Oracle 11G to check for anomalies or we would ensure windows vista machines were up to date on all patches.


Good Example: Performed daily checks for anomalies in databases and ensured systems were properly patched.


No Job Specific Tools

When detailing your job duties, leave off tool names. Tool names that are associated with specific companies could make the vendor company the subject of attack via association. For example, say you used a 3rd party system to alert you of network issues; if the 3rd party provider was hacked, they could prevent you from being alerted to network issues.


No References

This is a more common practice these days anyway, but thought I’d put it in here just to be safe. Instead of automatically including your references, say, “References Available Upon Request”. This keeps your references information protected from social engineering and phishing. Typically references need the following information:


Job Title / Company




These are all easy ways for hackers to gain access to their personal records and at the very least, send phishing emails.  



Resumes are very important – not just to you, but company security. I understand that creating a resume is difficult; but I assure you, if you take the time and write a resume with consideration to cyber security, it will be noticed. These are just a few tips to help your resume stand out and be compliant with cyber security safety.


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