We’ve got a few updates in the Modstore to share with you for the month of !

In the holiday spirit, a free interactive training course called Safe Travels for Road Warriors Holiday Edition for the 2018 Holiday season is available to help you stay safe while you travel. The module is 12 minutes in length and is available for access during November and December. 

Safe-Travel  - Safe Travel - KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018

For more information visit the KnowBe4 blog post: 

Want to see the KnowBe4 platform in action? See a live product demo now!

Request A Demo  - e85f7be4 0d15 4968 8b2d 12a1539ecb85 - KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018

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new comic book style animated series called Captain Awareness was introduced with the release of the first 6 episodes. These two-minute modules cover topics such as: GDPR, Triumph Over the Reuse of Passwords, Securing Mobile Devices, Being a Human Firewall, Staying Vigilant with USB Drives, and Working Securely From Home.

Captain_Awareness_First_6_modules  - Captain Awareness First 6 modules - KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018

Nineteen additional micro-modules will follow in the coming months, including one for kids! 

 The new  Your Role: Internet Security and You is now available. 

2019 Know Your Role  - 2019 20Know 20Your 20Role - KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018

As one of KnowBe4’s most popular courses, this course will be replacing the 2018 version. Your Role covers the threat landscape and every employee’s role in keeping their organization secure against these threats. Special attention is paid to social engineering because this is the tool cybercriminals use to trick users into taking an action that puts their organization at risk.

 All these KnowBe4 courses are available at the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond subscription levels. 


The Security Awareness Company (SAC)
SAC-November-Newsletter  - SAC November Newsletter - KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018The November SAC Newsletter covers why phishing works via a real-life example, and highlights the obvious signs of an attack with a phishing identification checklist.

Also, a new Security One Sheet, Holiday Headaches was added.

All Security Awareness Company content is available at the Diamond subscription level.

Popcorn Training 
A variety of training, posters, and security were added by Popcorn Training this month.

Popcorn-Compliance-2018  - Popcorn Compliance 2018 - KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018Compliance Series: 2018 Business Continuity Management (BCM) 
In every organization it is important to have a business continuity plan in place should an emergency or incident occur. Business continuity management ensures that your business always remains in business. In this module, learn about what emergencies may lead to BCM coming in to effect. 

Also, 5 Security Docs and corresponding reinforcement posters are now available:

  • Spot the Phish
  • Cyber Heroes Series – CEO Scams
  • Cyber Essentials Series – Information Security 101
  • Cyber Essentials Series – Cryptocoin Security
  • Cyber Essentials Series – Cyberbullying

All Popcorn Training Security Docs and Modules are available at the Diamond subscription level.  

TeachPrivacy – New Publisher!
We’re excited to welcome TeachPrivacy to the KnowBe4 content libraryTeachPrivacy provides privacy and security training by the leading subject-matter expert, Professor Daniel Solove. TeachPrivacy excels in creating training that is engaging, memorable, and understandable. Ten new modules and a game that cover topics from GDPR, Data Privacy Best Practices, to Encryption, and more. 

TeachPrivacy-New-Content  - TeachPrivacy New Content - KnowBe4 Fresh Content Update & New Features November 2018

All TeachPrivacy training is available at the Diamond subscription level. 

Want access to the most comprehensive security awareness training content? Take a sneak peak of the current KnowBe4 library with a free Training Preview.

As of November 29, 2018, KnowBe4 has: 

  • 773 pieces of education and training content
  • 190 Interactive Training Modules 
  • 143 Video Modules 
  • 269 Posters and Artwork
  • 150 Newsletters and Security Docs
  • 21 Games
  • Over 2,500 phishing templates

To see the full list of new content added this month and an inside look into the KnowBe4 platform, sign up for the Modstore Training Preview now!   

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