is proud to announce support for delegated permissions as part of the Roles feature. Roles allows you to limit roles to only display specific data or allow for the , training, and user management of specific groups.

Each Security Role is completely customizable to allow for the creation of the exact roles and responsibilities for Target Groups in your organization.

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Because the roles are not simply a set of predefined permissions it is possible to create the exact permission that fits your needs. Below are some common scenarios where Security Roles will allow the console administrator to security roles access to Targeted Groups within the KnowBe4 console:

Example scenarios include:

  • Auditors that need to review training history only
  • HR departments that want to see individual user results
  • Training groups that want to review training content prior to deployment
  • IT managers that oversee security awareness training within their own business unit that need to create both phishing and training campaigns
  • Corporate IT needs to lock down templates to ensure the use of approved phishing templates

Set access controls for:

  • Review (but don’t touch!) results of phishing tests
  • Management of Users and Groups
  • Create new Phishing Security Campaigns
  • Review of training content available in the ModStore
  • Create new Training Campaigns for Sales and Marketing teams in West Coast offices only
  • Delegate specialized authority or jurisdiction to other admins with custom admin roles

Security Roles are available to all customers at Platinum and Diamond subscription levels. You can go to the Users tab and then the Security Roles tab to check it out.

Learn more about Security Roles and the new delegated permissions feature here:

See it for yourself and get a live, one-on-one demo.

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