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 – Why Facebook are starts verifying certain pages and id’s? Actually, the answer to this question is very simple. As we all know that Facebook can allow the same name for as many no of profiles anyone wants. But this is creating a mess for big brands and celebrities as some scammers make the of a certain brand and celebrity and post something which is not related to that person or brand at all.

To Verify Facebook Page Or Profile

This is also a fake way to gain fame. So Facebook start to verify celebrities and big brands so no one can defame them or use their name in for their purposes.

This option is only available for few members of society up till now. Which include high profile individuals like politicians, people on government post, models, actor, high popularity brands and businessmen. Even they accept journalist and media persons. Rather than all above categories Facebook local business pages are also very easy to verify with very little verification required if you are the right representative of this local business.

How does it look like?
You can clearly see a white tick sign in a blue circle. That is a verified sign for any page or profile.

How can you verify your Facebook page?
If you fall in any of the above categories then it is pretty easy to verify your page or profile on Facebook. What is the saddest thing about verification is there is no specific form to fill and Facebook is doing it automatically. So if you want that your page and profile should verify in next automatic process then you have to change some things in your profile.

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Your page should have atheist one of three things. Firstly if it is a local business page or it is officially representing a personality. Then it’s easier otherwise you have to be very popular on Facebook. 

Latest Trick To Verify Facebook Page Or Profile 2018

For claiming process you have to add minimum details as possible to your profile because if add all information then Facebook will automatically check your given information and if they think that your given information is enough and helpful then they will verify your page. As Facebook mention two major points to become verified by Facebook. 

  • Interlink your Facebook profile or page and your official website. 
  • Provide accurate info in about us in a page as provided on the official website.


If you add all same citations and same services or products you offer. Same email Id and all other information in info tab in your page then maybe your page will be verified in next 40-60 working days. As it all depends upon your popularity as Facebook doesn’t offer any 100% Guarantee to verify your page if you put all right information in right places. But if you can wait for two months then might be you are one of the lucky ones to verified automatically by Facebook. But this is a very rare chance.

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