My guest today is a digital organization and productivity consultant. She is also a GTD fanatic and digital entrepreneur.

She is the founder of Simplified. Started in 2009, my guest has spent the past seven years helping overwhelmed professionals, just like you, use technology to become more efficient and productive in their day.

Now, let’s hack …

Lilli Weisz.

In this 42-minute episode, Lilli Weisz and I discuss:

  • Marrying well. Having a great, stable relationship
  • Why being unemployable has worked well for Lilli
  • Figuring things out every day (and flying by the seat of your pants)
  • How working online is a lot like high school

Listen to Hack the Entrepreneur below …

- hte 2 200x200 - Learning To Fly By the Seat of Your Pants

Learning To Fly By the Seat of Your PantsJon Nastor

The Show Notes

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