Detectify’s CMO joined the company in 2015 and laid the foundations of what would later become the Sales & Marketing . With business savvy and curiosity in equal measure, Carl is passionate about business development, data-driven marketing, and is known to make the strongest coffee in the history of Detectify.

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Wearing a tie every day was not the right choice

With a keen interest in both technology and business Carl studied Technology management and economics  at Chalmers University of Technology. Looking back, he says he always knew he would end up working with business development in some way. What he didn’t know was that the role of CMO at a security startup was on the cards!

Straight out of university, Carl did an internship at an investment bank. ”I had this idea of  becoming a banker. I wore a tie every day and it wasn’t a whole lot of fun!” he laughs. Carl eventually decided that a career in banking was not the right choice for him. Leaving his internship behind, he decided to go back to school and do a master’s in entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and cleantech

The course Carl picked was a perfect match for his mind as it allowed students to commercialise a technology and build a company. For two years, Carl worked on a project that aimed to clean the seabed in the Baltic Sea.

“It was a fantastic experience! We did research, worked with environmental agencies, and actually got quite far with the business idea,“ Carl explains. It was during that time he got a taste for building companies, something that would later lead him to Detectify.

The digital marketing boom

Given Carl’s education and work experience, a career in consulting seemed like a logical choice, but it just didn’t seem particularly exciting. He spent some time learning all there is to learn about sales, working for a boat manufacturer in and selling laser sensors to aluminium foundries in Arizona (“I really enjoyed working with business development, but nearly burnt my hand off while demoing the product!” Carl adds). As luck would have it, an interesting opportunity showed up in the shape of a role at KliKKi, a digital agency.

At the time, digital marketing was just beginning to gain momentum and Carl says it was great fun to be part of the journey: “I started off in an entry-level role, then built up social media as a new business area, moved on to establish the company’s Oslo office and eventually started working as head of business development, helping companies with everything from strategy to choosing the right tools.”

A decision made after sailing across the Atlantic

As the saying goes, nothing lasts forever, and Carl eventually decided to take the step into the unknown and switch jobs. The idea of moving on was born after sailing across the Atlantic and when Carl returned to Sweden, a friend told him about Detectify.

The company was in an early growth stage, looking for someone who could help take it to the next level. Carl decided he was up to the task and in the summer of 2015, he joined the team.

Working alongside the world’s

Carl explains that it was Detectify’s potential that grabbed his attention: “I didn’t know much about security back then, but I understood what a tremendous impact it has.” He also liked the vision of creating a simple and accessible tool that helps people keep their web applications secure.

“The business case is great fun and so is working with a bunch of hackers!” he adds, pointing out that the combination of SaaS, a global market, scalability, and cutting-edge technology make for an exciting challenge. The best thing about his job is the genuine vision behind the company, Carl says: “Every time someone starts using Detectify, the internet gets a little more secure.”

Ready to ramp up

Carl is looking forward to seeing Detectify grow and become even more global in the coming years. “In five years’ time, we’ll have become the standard for testing the security of everything that is connected to the internet,” he explains.

To reach that goal, the Detectify team will have to grow and Carl points out that the sales team are always looking for new colleagues. “We’re looking for people that are curious, creative, and aren’t scared of trying new things,” Carl says. If you’d like to join the team, take a look at our career page and then give him a call!

Quick Q&A with Carl

Mac or PC? This is a tough one! Mac.

or iOS? iOS any day!

What’s your #1 security tip? Run Detectify on everything!

How do you keep up to date with tech and business? I think TechCrunch is a good source for tech news, and I also buy Harvard Business Review from time to time. If you ask my colleagues, they will probably tell you I sometimes borrow books and never return them. 🙂

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