If you use , you have probably met , our Customer Success Manager who is the first point of contact for many of our customers. After completing his degree in mechanical engineering in Uppsala, first dipped his toes into the startup world in San Francisco. His entrepreneurial spirit and technical background combined with experience in web development and customer support led him to Detectify, where he tirelessly guides our customers through the setup process and troubleshooting.

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For Johan Båth, a typical day is a mix of customer dialogues, sales analytics, product demos, and attending lectures at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. This might sound like a lot of work, but Johan has always liked getting out there and making things happen. As a mechanical engineering graduate, he decided to round out his degree with subjects he hadn’t studied before. His thirst for knowledge took him to San Francisco, where he studied computer science and business and got a taste for startup dynamics. Upon returning to Sweden in search of new challenges, Johan came across Detectify and joined the as Customer Success Manager.

It all started with a move abroad

After his studies, Johan wanted to experience living abroad, so the next step was clear: moving from Sweden to California and learning about topics that hadn’t been part of his degree. The main reason Johan picked San Francisco was the thriving startup scene that had launched the success of companies like and Facebook. After studying for two semesters and honing his web development skills, Johan landed an internship at Stanford that combined tech expertise with customer interaction. Although the unit was part of a larger organisation, it functioned very much like a startup, with a small team of 10 people and plenty of room for creativity.

Joining the Detectify team

Johan decided to freelance as a web developer when he returned to Sweden, but the startup life caught up with him again when he met Detectify’s CIO (also called Johan!) at an event organised by SUP46. Johan says he immediately noticed the “Go Hack Yourself” banner and as a web developer, he wanted to learn more about the company. After a chat about everything from the service itself to enterprise contracts, he found out there was an opening for the role of Customer Success Manager, a position that sounded like a perfect fit. He applied and got the job, kicking off an intense onboarding process. About a month after first coming across Detectify and less than two weeks after his first day, Johan was already at Berlin Tech Meetup demoing the tool!

“If we believe in something, we try it”

Unsurprisingly, Johan enjoys the dynamic and often fast-paced tempo of the tech startup environment. He likes getting things done and says that one of the best aspects of working at Detectify is being able to do just that by choosing a hands-on approach. Instead of sitting around discussing whether or not something should be done, he can go ahead and try it out. Over the last couple of months, he’s been doing everything from designing emails to implementing CRM systems, as well as taking care of customer dialogues and analysing data.

The best startup community in the world

Moving to Stockholm after experiencing the San Francisco startup scene was not a disappointment for Johan, who says the close-knit community in Stockholm is one of the best in the world. Since he started working at Detectify, he has also learnt a lot about web development and, naturally, web security. Johan points out that this is one of the benefits of working with great people that are among the best security researchers in the world.

The passion to learn new things is something that unites Detectify’s , and the company aims to create flexible solutions and encourage personal development and knowledge sharing. Johan, who has decided to go back to school, is currently working at Detectify while studying to earn his master’s in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. By combining work and studies, he will get the chance to apply freshly acquired theoretical knowledge in practice and make the Detectify customer experience even better.

Do you have questions for Johan or wish to know more about web security and Detectify? Let us know at hello[at]detectify.com!

Want to work with Detectify’s customers? We’re looking for a sales representative that will work together with Johan and the team. Apply here!


Q&A with Johan Båth

iPhone or Android?
I use an iPhone because I’m an Apple fan. It works smoothly and I think I will never switch.

What is your favourite Detectify feature?
The new dashboard. If you’re scanning multiple targets, you can get a good overview of what you need to do, you can see the most recent scan and how vulnerable your targets are. It’s an easy way to approach what you need to fix and what’s most important.

What’s most important when you work with customers?
For me, it’s all about putting myself in their shoes. I guide people and help them with the tool all day long, so for me, it’s clear what’s in there and how you use it. You definitely get coloured by being in this environment all the time so it’s important to take a step back, explain, take the feedback and bounce it back to the team.

Do you have any advice who are interested in working at a startup?
Get out in the community, talk to people, network! Many members of the Detectify team were hired after meeting someone in person. I don’t believe resumes do people justice in terms of what they can do. You’re nobody on paper, but if you someone in person, you can convince them that you’re more than just what’s on your resumé.

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