50 malicious apps  - 50 Malicious Apps - More Than 50 Malicious Apps With Over 350,000 Installs On Google Play

More than 0 that designed for kids as coloring or games found on has no functionality other than displaying ads.

Mobile security researcher LUKAS STEFANKO identified the malicious app and reported to Google Security team, now most of the apps have been removed and few still available to .

50 Malicious Apps – Functionality

The functionality of the app is to only display the interstitial ads that cover the entire device .

Once these malicious apps installed and launched it displays error and hides from user view and continues to run the background.

Stefanko spotted that one of the apps was even in the trending list, at sixth place in the Educational category. Altogether these malicious apps are downloaded for more than 350,000 times.

All these applications hide after installation from home screen, even if the user tries to remove manually it is a tough job as the app hides between other application changes its name and icon.

Recently a new malware spotted that spying users WhatsApp messages and other sensitive data such as browsing history, photos.

Serious checks need to be done about the apps you download, particularly if you’re using an Android operating system.

Because of Android’s open network, apps are more likely to have malware built in, that will harm your phone with no knowledge of it whatsoever.

Common Tips to Catch Fake Android App

  • Look at the publish date. A fake app will have a recent published date.
  • Do a little research about the developer of the app you plan to .
  • Very important – read all app permissions carefully.

Common Defences On Mobile Threats

  • Give careful consideration to the permission asked for by applications.
  • Download applications from trusted sources.
  • Stay up with the latest version.
  • Encrypt your devices.

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