Join Scott Hunter and members of the . Team as they introduce you to all the new features in . 2.0, our cross-platform, open source .. . Core 2.0 implements . Standard 2.0 which on the promise of . everywhere and expands the API surface area to over 35,000 members so that sharing libraries across all . workloads is much easier. We’ve also worked really hard on performance this release making . Core the fastest version of . ever. We’re also releasing updates to Visual Studio 17 (version 15.3) and  Visual Studio for Mac (version 7.1) that fully support . Core 2.0 and have many new tooling features. Learn about the .NET Core 2.0 release and download today!


[0:00:00] Scott Hunter introduces .NET Core 2.0 & .NET Standard 2.0

[0:07:49] .NET Standard 2.0 demo

[0:10:08] Performance improvements

[0:11:37] Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3 new features

[0:14:36] Kasey Uhlenhuth demos Visual Studio

[0:27:58] Serverless computing with Azure Functions & Visual Studio

[0:29:20] Andrew Hall demos Azure Functions

[0:39:29] Visual Studio for Mac version 7.1 new features

[0:39:56] James Montemagno demos Visual Studio for Mac

[0:48:26] ASP.NET Core 2.0 new features

[0:50:14] Scott Hunter demos ASP.NET Core Azure diagnostics & live analytics

[0:56:00] Dan Roth demos ASP.NET Core Razor Pages

[1:08:23] Entity Framework Core 2.0 new features

[1:10:18] Diego Vega demos Entity Framework Core

[1:19:39] .NET architecture guides & samples

[1:21:05] Key takeaways & wrap up

.NET Core 2.0 Released! - feed WT - .NET Core 2.0 Released!

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