L0rdix  - L0rdix - New L0RDIX Hacking Tool Advertised in Dark Web Forums

Cybercriminals advertising Multipurpose malware in , designed to be a universal go-to for attackers.

It developed aiming windows machine, it combines stealing, cryptocurrency mining techniques and stealthy methods to avoid malware scanning.

ENSILO security researcher, Ben Hunter discovered the L0rdix multipurpose malware on dark web forums. The malware written in .NET targeting windows machine combines stealing and mining methods.

With this malware, attackers can get complete information about the victim’s PC and they can execute commands, file uploads, and other functions, also it includes a number of mining modules.

L0rdix  - L0rdix2 - New L0RDIX Hacking Tool Advertised in Dark Web Forums
Image Credits: ENSILO

The malware advertised for 4000Ruble ($60.96) and it presents a dashboard with makes the job more easy for an attacker.

L0rdix  - L0rdix1 - New L0RDIX Hacking Tool Advertised in Dark Web Forums
Image Credits: ENSILO

In order to avoid detection, the malware common malware analysis tools name and also uses WMI queries to check the string to determine whether it is running under a virtual environment.

L0rdix supports a wide variety of actions aiming to make it a universal “go to” tool for attackers that require different capabilities. It’s obvious that the writer’s preferred code simplicity while investing in a larger spectrum of capabilities to offer the buyer reads ENSILO blog post.

Once the L0rdix executed in the victim’s machine it gathers complete system information and transfers to the server by encrypting data using the AES algorithm.

The malware contains Botnet, Crypto wallet stealing and stealer functionality. It monitors clipboard activities for specific wallet types such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple and Doge.

L0rdix targets following browsers Chrome, Kometa, Orbitum, Comodo, Amigo, Torch and Opera and extracts login details, also it extracts cookie information from browsers.

The dark web markets remain as a place for selling stolen credit cards, the underground offers hacker-for-hire services, tools, tutorials and more. These dark web markets are accessible through anonymization services such as Tor or I2P.

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