WP_Best_Practices_Protecting_Against_Phishing-1  - WP Best Practices Protecting Against Phishing 1 - [NEW WHITEPAPER] 10 Best Practices for Protecting Against Phishing, Ransomware and Email FraudOrganizations have been victimized by a wide range of threats and exploits, most notably attacks that have penetrated corporate defenses, targeted attacks launched from compromised accounts, and sensitive or confidential information accidentally leaked through .


A survey conducted among corporate decision makers in early 2018 discovered that nearly 28% of organizations had experienced a phishing attack that was successful in infecting their networks. Don’t let this happen to your organization.

Download the new Osterman Research white paper, Best for Against Phishing, and Email , and learn ten best practices you should consider to better protect your systems and network, train your users to be security-aware, and safeguard your organization’s sensitive and confidential data from phishing attacks, , and CEO Fraud.

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