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Today (12/05/17) the UK’s National Health Service () was a victim of a large scale - which has crippled many hospitals nationwide. IT systems appear to have been massively disrupted and emergency patients are having to be diverted to other areas, according to doctors.

The cyber-attack appears to have stemmed from ransomware, breaking into computers and only allowing their owners back in when they pay a ransom.

Many hospitals and NHS Trust’s up and down the UK received messages stating: “Your computers are now under our control” with details on how to pay the ransom to regain control. Many hospitals have been affected, with IT systems being shut down for damage limitation. This resulted in many systems going offline and hospitals are unable to accept incoming calls. NHS Merseyside tweeted: “Following a suspected national cyber-attack we are taking all precautionary measures possible to protect our local NHS systems and services,”

Below is a screenshot of an NHS employee’s computer, after being infected by the ransomware:
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