BevMo Payment Card  - BevMo Payment Card - Over 14000 customers Impacted with the BevMo Payment Card Breach

more than , attackers injected skimmer scripts into the checkout page of the website.

The injected skimmer scripts record keystrokes from customers and transfer the data to the attacker’s server.

Attackers stolen data includes customer names, numbers, addresses and credit, and debit card numbers along with security codes.

BevMo said the attackers placed the skimmer scripts between Aug.2 and Sept.26 and the company has notified the California attorney general’s office about the breach.

Now the wine and liquor company announced that they have removed the malicious script from the website checkout page and the investigation still in progress.

As we know are determined and they spent huge time with an organization to find the network structure and they will infiltrate the best way.

Last month Amazon suffered a data breach before the Black Friday, the number of customers names and Email address has been exposed.

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