Pakistan First OSCE Certified  - offensive security certified expert - Pakistan First OSCE Certified – Kamran Mohsin

First - Etizaz

Etizaz Mohsin is Pakistan first OSCE Certified who successfully achieved Offensive Security Certified Expert Certification (OSCE) along with Offensive Security Certified Professional Certification (OSCE). Read more about him.

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Offensive Security Certified Expert is a certification earned when one passes the exam after following the Cracking The Perimeter course. It is more specialized than OSCP. Cracking The Perimeter is among the most challenging ethical hacking and penetration testing courses of its type. It’s objective is to equip penetration tester with practical advanced penetration testing skill sets such as advanced web attacks, bypassing antivirus, fuzzing and creating 0-day exploits… Read complete review by Etizaz Mohsin.

Read OSCP review by Etizaz Mohsin.

Click here for more infosec.

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