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Password Hacking Tool For Windows Machine Applications


Pasword Hacking  - usb stealer - Password Hacking Tool For Windows Machine Applications

USBStealer is a Based Password Stealing that helps to Extract the from Windows Based such as Chrome , FireFox , NetPassword, Admin passwords of the Windows Computer.

The vast majority of the general population realize that windows stores a large portion of its passwords on everyday schedule, Such as delegate passwords, Yahoo passwords, Myspace passwords and numerous login id’s and secret key and so on and the individuals who don’t know will become acquainted with in the wake of perusing this.

In this care Target should be Running with Windows OS and super User access(admin Access) will be required to Execute the Cracker.

It is very useful tool for Pentester and some other Purpose to Extract the online Password and username History, Offline Password .

There is Bundle of Executable Cracker has compressed in single Folder to Extract the Password from Windows Apps.

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How Does This tool Steal the Passwords and Browsing History

USBStealer have a Bundle of Payload to steal the Windows based Computers. Take the Payload in USB Drive and Just Insert the USB into Targeted Windows Computer.

If you need Admin password and you forget it just go to the “USBCracker” folder and open the “Admin Cracker.exe”. You will be prompt with a “cmd.exe” in Administrator Mode and then type the following:

  • ->(Your Drive Letter):
  • ->cd USBCracker
  • ->USBCracker.exe

Download the Extract the USBStealer from GITHUB Repostory And Extract the Compressed File.

Pasword Hacking  - 53233AE7 CB0C 4F02 BE4D 617C549E4DC8 - Password Hacking Tool For Windows Machine Applications


Folder Contains Many Executable Files for Different Applications which is Performing to Steal your target Applications used Password.

  • -> USBCracker.exe (The credential grabber)(Totally Discreet)
  • -> Admin Cracker.exe (Opens a cmd.exe with admin privileges, bypassing admin password)

Next Step you Will find the Relevant Executable Payload called Browser History View. Simply click and execute it then Advanced Options will be Popup.

Here you can Customise the Date ,time and type of Browser Hsitory that you want to Pull out from the Browser.

Pasword Hacking  - 4A2D74B8 DF78 4263 B222 67945D91E757 - Password Hacking Tool For Windows Machine Applications

Once the File will be Executed then you will get a Document file  in notepad that contains all the Browser History.

Pasword Hacking  - E3338DA5 FCC4 4110 9E72 7CDA92D9D524 - Password Hacking Tool For Windows Machine Applications

By Click and Execute the ChromePass  payload , It will Extract the Perticular Url and its username and password that you used for Login .

Pasword Hacking  - 085AD45C D42F 41FB 9A3A 69510DABAB37 - Password Hacking Tool For Windows Machine Applications

WebBrowserPssView Crack all the Browsers passwords in Single Click and the All the Username and Password Credentials will be saved in Notpad.

Pasword Hacking  - 96738292 9BDD 49B3 B64B CDED1EA2A99A - Password Hacking Tool For Windows Machine Applications

You can Access the Saved Password in Notepad from USBCracker” folder and open “USBCracker.exe” and wait about 10~15 seconds passwords will be exported to txt files.

You can use same Procedure to steal the Passwords from Router and Skype using PasswordStealer Tool.


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