In this new tutorial we will be with Aircrack-ng so we can get rid of the constantly increasing dictionary files used to retrieve WiFi passwords from cap files. When we pipe the output from with Aircrack-ng the data will be fed directly into Aircrack-ng instead of a file. Aircrack-ng will be using the input from Crunch for brute forcing the password. This method will safe us a lot of time and valuable drive space since effective wordlists for brute forcing purposes tend to grow very fast in a short time.

Piping Crunch with Aircrack-ng

After we’ve captured the 4 way handshake, which we will not be covering in this tutorial, we can pipe Crunch with Aircrack-ng to break the password. The following will teach you how to capture handshakes using the aircrack-ng software suite in Kali :

The following command can be used to start Aircrack-ng with input from Crunch:

crunch 8 8 | aircrack-ng -e [ESSID] -w – [file path to the .cap file]

Please note that the file paths used in this command are case sensitive and the | sign which is actually piping Crunch with Aircrack-ng.

Piping Crunch with Aircrack-ng  - piping Crunch with Aircrack ng 1 - Piping Crunch with Aircrack-ng – Hacking Tutorials

Crunch Tutorial

Crunch in Kali Linux has serveral features to generate passwords from which only one of them is used in this tutorial. The following tutorial is about how to use the different options in Crunch to generate the password list you need, for example a default router password containing 8 letters (like UPC Broadband) or the use of static sequences of text and numbers:

Crunch Password list generation in Kali Linux

Thanks for reading and do not hesitate to ask any questions related to this hacking tutorial in the comment section 🙂

Virtual Hacking Labs - Penetration testing lab  - 6 - Piping Crunch with Aircrack-ng – Hacking Tutorials

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