Here you can find all the we covered during the :

Skill #1: Platform & Internals
Skill #2: Attacks On Credentials & Prevention Solutions
Skill #3: PowerShell as a hacking tool
Skill #4: Office 365 Security
Skill #5: Raising the bar for malware
Skill #6: SQL Server Security
Skill #7: Improving security with Azure
Skill #8: Virtualization based security
Skill #9: Machine Learning for Security
Skill #10: 2016 security and infrastructure improvements
Skill #11: Practical Public Key Infrastructure
Skill #: Advanced Monitoring and Auditing

…and here are all the slides from the session:

At the end of the Webinar we asked for your questions. Below you can find the Q&A video recap:

If you have experience in Windows security, and want to stay up to date with the latest skills/trends/tools in the industry – you should check out our Advanced Windows Security Course for 2018.

- quiz baner fb 1200x628 by pj 1 - Q&A from the Webinar: 12 Crucial Windows Security Skills for 2018

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